Wednesday Cliffhangar?


I have a strange feeling that I should be at Seven Tables—yet I know things there are going well—at least I think I do,” Grey Wolf thought out loud.

Susan agreed, “And me at the Clipper Inn.”

Each had his or her own continually-changing thoughts about what had happened—flitting in and out; all that is, except Boomer—who was pretty-sure he knew what was happening.

Should I tell them?” He wondered to himself, “It’s too bad the canines aren’t here because Daisy is so connected to Cujo—she would know.”

After mentally agonizing over it for some time he decided that, perhaps, it would be best to reveal his thoughts—but just as he was about to speak…

Inside the Parlor Car...they all began to fade

They all began to fade

…they ALL began to fade…

Season 8—Chapter 7—Traders—Episode 12—Conclusion:

Fading from the Parlor Car—& arriving in 2013 Silverthorn’s Café

Well, this is an unexpected pleasure; back so soon?” Hiram Silverthorn greeted his friends, “You’ve only been gone a day.”

Hiram’s greeting surprised everyone—except Boomer—who said nothing as he was lost in thought.

After letting Silverthorn’s greeting sink-in for a time our friends were both relieved, and at the same time, disappointed—they all desparately needed some time to decompress after all they’d been through.

C’mon, Jay, let’s go home,” Sarah was still processing Hiram’s words, “I need a nice long nap and after, I have plenty of quiting to do.”

They appeared at Silverthorn's Café 2013

“C’mon, Jay, let’s go home…”

Okay, Sarah. I’m thinking of taking the Jeep out and doing a little off-roading—then maybe a nap.”

I wonder if Jimmy Hickok is well-rested,” Susie grinned, “I’m heading home to find out.”

I’m heading for the Clipper Inn, first,” Susan couldn’t wrap her mind around their only being gone for a day, “Then, maybe home for a nap—if I decide not to bake something.”

Grey Wolf HAD thought about just going home, but hearing Susan’s comment, “I’ll check on Seven Tables—just to make sure everything is going okay.”

Chris was certain that everything was fine at PawZ, and since she also lived there, it wouldn’t hurt to check-in on things—and hope that Wyatt Earp IV just might be there. She simply smiled at the thought.

Big Mac and Collie were looking forward to getting home to the Cabin-on-the-Rock and had no specific plans—after all the years they’d been married, just being together was enough.

Boomer decided he had to say what’s been on his mind, “I’m thinking of changing the blog’s format back to what it was in 2007.”

Hiram Silverthorn was stunned, “What will happen to us—and Danger Bay, then?”

This chapter has concluded—but our story? To be Continued…


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9 Responses to Wednesday Cliffhangar?

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I’m thinking of changing the blog’s format back to what it was in 2007.”

    Uh-oh! 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    2007?! Retro! I was around in 2007, if I remember correctly, but can’t think right off how things were different. Consistently good stories, friends and coffee through the years!


  3. Oh my…. what on earth is going on?? Back to 2007???


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    What??? what would that prove?


  5. Chris Shouse says:

    Still no internet……….:( only my lonely hotspot… I am on and off in a hurry!


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