To be Continued…and continued


Inside Joe’s Café & Coffee—the conversation continued…

Well, lookie who’s here,” Trigg Guudelender made note of Boomer’s arrival, “The blog-killer himself.”

Hello Trigg,” Boomer grinned, “Hyperbole, much?”

Proud Czech Josef Rusicka chimed-in, “I just get this fancy new café and you’re gonna kill us off. I suppose you expect some coffee?”

Yeah, that would be right.”

Good luck with that!”

How do you feel about being erased?”

It sounds to me, at least,” Camille Farkleberry grinned, “You’ve made your decision.”

Early morning at Joe's Café & Coffee

“I have.”

I have.”


We’re all still here. Where we belong.”

Season 8—Chapter 8—Changes—Episode 2:

Continuing our story—At Casa-Cooper in Danger Bay…

Okay, Jay,” Sarah had that you’d-better-fess-up-now tone-of-voice, “Fess-up, why did you fade?”

Cujo did it.”


She had her reasons.”


Fortunately for Jay—it was then someone else faded in—conveniently interupting the conversation.

Jay’s right, I had my reasons.”

Sarah and Jay at the Cooper home

“Jay’s right, I had my reasons.”

CUJO!” Jay exclaimed in relief, “I am in deep trouble, we don’t keep secrets, but you asked me not to say anything.”

It is true, Sarah, I did,” Cujo explained, “It was a simple wardrobe adjustment, Jay rightly thought the leather chaps were not all that appropriate for frontier Canada. You wouldn’t have even noticed had my Alpha-Jack not had his near-meltdown. THAT totally changed things & overpowered our minor change.”

Meanwhile, the conversation continued—inside Joe’s Café & Coffee… “So—contrary to the rumors flying about cyberspace,” Cam Farkleberry grinned, “This has been ‘much ado about nothing’?”

Only here in cyberspace,” Boomer replied, “My portal to cyberspace (computer) was damaged by a cyber-attack, and after the repairs were made, I decided to upgrade a program called Photoshop to the latest edition—THAT turned out to be a big mistake. Instead of having more drawing capability, it seems to have less—at least as far as I can tell. Couple that with diminishing IRL readership, it caused me to question keeping this blog going at all.”

What changed your mind?” Josef asked—finally pouring Boomer some coffee.

First I was going to end the blog, then I thought I’d change it back to a multi-purpose blog as it was in aught-seven,” Boomer replied, “Finally, I realized I love doing this, and it doesn’t matter how many readers/commentators I have. Give Carl some credit for that—we had a long phone conversation, a conversation that tipped the scales in favor of continuing on.”

To be Continued…and continued…and continued…


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6 Responses to To be Continued…and continued

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    Sometimes—I get to comment FIRST on my own post! It now appears that Photoshop Elements 11 has all the capability of Photoshop Elements 7, and more—Adobe is just too-clever-by-half about where they hide the drawing features. NOW—about expanding our reader-base? 🙂


  2. You are exactly right!!! I can relate (not that you asked). Doing something because you love doing it, no matter who pays attention, is what it’s all about (IMHO). Keep it up, Boomer!! Oh wait…. Don’t give up, Boomer!!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:


    “…Give Carl some credit for that…”

    It’s about time I get a little credit! HA! 😛


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    Still waiting on word for internet and 7 days till reset of my hotspot….SIGH>>>>


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