A few minutes later—Boomer was joined in his quarters by Carl & Collie…

Oh—hello Carl & Ball & Chain.”

Stuffit Jack!”

Yes Ma’am!”

You’re pushing it!”

Yes, yes I am. What can I do for you?”

Can you make a sewing machine illustration?” Big Mac asked, “Sarah would like one for her quarters on the Adventure Train.”

Maybe, I dunno. I’ve been having trouble outlining things to trim them.”

And Susie thinks James Hickok should come with us…”

She must ask Cujo, she decides that.”

Season 8—Chapter 8—Changes—Episode 5:

Continuing our story some many hours later—in Boomer’s Quarters… “Well? Any progress?” Carl asked.

Boomer simply glanced down in reply.

EUREKA!” Carl understated.

Many hours later in Boomer's Quarters

“EUREKA!” Carl understated.

Right about now, Sarah should be in for a surprise—IF she happens to be in her hobby-room,” Boomer grinned, “Next—Chris.”

You’ve solved the trimming-problem?”

About ten minutes earlier—Sarah was in her hobby room…

Sarah in her lower level hobby room

Sarah was in her hobby room…

Wondering why she HAD a hobby room when she couldn’t hobby, “This is a lovely room, nicely decorated—I kind off like the photo of Cooper’s General Store, even with Big A trying to ‘make nice,’ though I was not fooled.”

Sarah sighed.

Seconds later the room changed, ever so suddenly, “Whoa! A sewing machine, an antique sewing stool (French 19th Century), thread, articulated light—and—in the center of the room, so I’m able to look-up and see something besides the wall.”

Sarah's hobby room suddenly changed

Sarah’s hobby room suddenly changed

She slowly looked around taking in the cutting table, foot locker (“I’ll just bet it’s filled with fabric-scraps”), to the patio where a nearly-completed quilt was stretched out for inspection, “Well, Boomer must have solved another problem with his new photo-program.”

About the same time—in another part of the Port of Danger Bay… Doc Shouse was in her upstairs personal quarters with Buttons & Wyatt Earp IV…

I’ve simply not had the time to fix this up, Wyatt.”

Doc Shouse, Buttons & James upstairs at PawZ

“I’ve simply not had the time to fix this up, Wyatt.”

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to Cooper’s

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “EUREKA!” indeed! I must share this with the “Ball & Chain.” [A-Hem!] 😀


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I love my sewing room! And look at the pictures!!! Fabulous! Thank you, Jack! 😀


  3. Hmmmm. I’ve exclaimed ‘Eureka’ before.


  4. Chris Shouse says:

    Wonderful!! That sewing room is so cool I just love it! I can’t sew but would feel peaceful in that beautiful space! See I use my small data for important things 🙂


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