2013 stay nears an end


She oriented the greatroom to face the lake with a couple of leather easy-chairs and an off-white love seat and, of course, a rustic dining set.

Along the back wall she set-up her office and placed a second love seat. She hadn’t decided on what artwork she wanted—that could be added any time, she reasoned, “Well—what do you think?”

Season 8—Chapter 8—Changes—Episode 7:

Continuing our story—in the new greatroom…

Where’s the hot-tub?”

Doc, Buttons and Wyatt in the greatroom

“Where’s the hot-tub?”

WYATT EARP! You are such a—oh never mind.”

Meanwhile—several hours later at the Cabin-on-the-Rock… “I wonder if we’re going on a lake adventure,” Sarah missed being out on the big lake and it’s raw beauty, “It’s been some time, and it would be relaxing after what we’ve been through.”

The word ‘adventure’ does not conjure-up relaxing, exactly,” Susie grinned, “But the thought of rocking the boat intrigues.”

All in good time,” a doggish voice spoke as Cujo appeared quite suddenly among them, “You have more to accomplish in 1874 Canada.”

Several hours later at The Cabin on the Rock

“All in good time,” a doggish voice spoke…

No lake adventure, then?”

No Sarah, but perhaps when you return,” Cujo replied, “If my Alpha-Boomer can figure-out how to draw boats…”

He can,” Boomer smiled, “he can.”

Very well. Those of your number who have elected to remain behind, shall do so…”

I’ve changed my mind, Cujo.”

Then you go, Larry. Any of the others who wish to join you may do so at any time.”

Chris and Buttons?”

They’re coming too, Chris is still enjoying her new quarters at PawZ,” Cujo laughed, “You have time, give her a visit.”

A few days later—Inspector MacIntyre arrived at the RR yard…

Dae ye hink they will accept thes assignment, Murphy?

Inspector MacIntyre's contingent arrived at the RR yard

“Dae ye hink they will accept thes assignment, Murphy?”

I believe they will, Robby,” Yatkov replied, “The question is more whether they can accomplish what you want them to do.”

Aye, it is a huir uv a difficult thin’ we’ll be askin’.”

To be Continued…

Daisy & Ringo BFF

Daisy & Ringo at about one year old, playing.

It is with deep sadness, GENTLE READER, that we must share the passing Thursday, July 11, 2013, of Ringo, the real world model for “WolvenKing Sakima-Chaska-Heammawihio.” Our deepest sympathies to his human, Brandon Flesher.


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8 Responses to 2013 stay nears an end

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Ah…no! It is so tough losing a canine friend. I remember when you lost your Cujo. Collie and my sympathies to Ringo’s human, Brandon. 😦


  2. Oh no… so sorry to hear about Ringo. ;-(


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Brandon.


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    Ringo was beautiful! Oh, and cancer is so cruel. I’m so sorry to hear this.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Ringo was a big sweetheart. I shed more than a few tears for him and Brandon, his human. Daisy has received many extra hugs every day since.


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