Whaur can they be?


Chris and Buttons?”

They’re coming too, Chris is still enjoying her new quarters at PawZ,” Cujo laughed, “You have time, give her a visit.”

A few days later—Inspector MacIntyre arrived at the RR yard…

Dae ye hink they will accept thes assignment, Murphy?

I believe they will, Robby,” Yatkov replied, “The question is more whether they can accomplish what you want them to do.”

Aye, it is a huir uv a difficult thin’ we’ll be askin’.”

Season 8—Chapter 8—Changes—Episode 8:

Continuing our story—at the Cabin-on-the-Rock… “Sorry I’m late,” Chris announced her presence as she & Buttons rushed in, “Did we miss anything?”

Chris and Buttons arrived at The Cabin on the Rock

“Did we miss anything?”

Yeah,” Larry cracked, “We’re leaving you behind for being late.”

Chris laughed. Nobody, but NOBODY took Larry’s comments at face value, “When do we leave?”

As soon as the time is right,” Cujo said, “That hasn’t been determined yet, but certainly there is enough time for you to give a tour of your new quarters.”

An hour or so later—At the private quarters at PawZ… “So—what do you think?”

I think I’m jealous,” Boomer quipped, MY quarters aren’t nearly so nice.”

Chris shows off her new Quarters

“I think I’m jealous,” Boomer quipped, MY quarters aren’t nearly so nice.”

Yeah, Boomer,” Carl rumbled, “Neither are ours—whose fault is that?”

I blame Photoshop Elements 11, I only just learned how to make them look that nice.”


I’m busy upgrading 1874 Canada.”

Meanwhile—at the 1874 RR yard… Glancing up at the train’s windows, Inspector MacIntyre saw no one inside any of the railroad cars, “Whaur can they be?”

Inspector MacIntyre's contingent arrived at the RR yard

“Whaur can they be?”

They could be in their private quarters, Robby,” Murphy Yatkov replied, “We can’t see them there.”

Ach, yea, Ah forgot aboot at,” MacIntyre said as they continued to ride around the train and into the trainyard.

They dismounted and prepared to enter the personal quarters rail car.

To be Continued…


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9 Responses to Whaur can they be?

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I am sure Boomer will upgrade everyone’s quarters as soon as he gets time…..is no one else excited about our travel?


  2. Dismounted and then prepared to enter???


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