I have no idea—unless they’re in the future.”

The what? Yatkov, are you daft?” Connors, who had not been on the train when the Americans had been revealed as time-travellers—and who himself had never noted sentience in either dogs or horses, was incredulous, “People don’t travel through time.”

Aye laddie, they do,” MacIntyre said, “Thaur aer things we dinnae understand.”

Season 8—Chapter 8—Changes—Episode 10:

Continuing our story—at the RR Yard…The Mounties assigned to the stables continued their search for the Americans out of sight of the yard. Inspector MacIntyre and Sergeants Yatkov and Connors continued their coversation. They were gazing towards Victoria Station when, perhaps, they should have been looking towards the stables, as Susie and company arrived on the road between the train and the stables, “So, you’re telling me that it is possible to travel in time, right? And creatures can talk?”

The Mounties didn't look out the window

And creatures can talk?

We are, Tommy,” Yatkov grinned, “Including a rather delusional carrier pigeon.”

Not possible!”

Master says it is,” Flutters, who was the first of our time-travellers to enter the Parlor Car, began—but didn’t have the opportunity to expand on the book, chapter and verse of the Master’s writings…

Ah FlutterMatters! So good to see you again,” Yatkov greeted the bird. Before Flutters could reply, the rest of our travellers entered the car, led by Susie Blackmon.

Susie and company arrived in the Parlor Car

“Master says it is…”

Sorry we’re late, Inspector,” Susie said, “We were a little delayed in our time-travel arrangements.”

We hae an assignment fur some ay ye,” The inspector began without preamble, “We must go West, an’ thaur is trooble brewin’ east.”

How may we help?” Chris asked.

We believe ‘at jist two ay yer number shood be enaw tae help haur,” he continued, “Th’ rest we’ll send tae east tae Outlook.

Why?” Susie asked.

We have major problems out west and not enough constables to send east,” Yatkov said, “You’ll be met there in Outlook by Rene LaFarge, who works for us. He will update you when you arrive.”

What’s going on there?”

Cattle rustling.”

To be Continued…


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    We have arrived and ready to proceed!


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    I see what you did, Jack! Looking through the Parlor Car windows behind the Mounties…and THERE we ARE! 😀


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Delayed in time travel … I’m not sure I can wrap my mind around that.


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