Sometime later after arriving in Saskatoon—Susie and Company were riding south… “If the map I have is correct, we should reach Outlook in an hour.”

What then, Susie?”

We set-up camp outside of town, Sarah, and then enter Outlook—you, Jay and Chris together, first, and Mac and I will follow shortly afterwards. We need to just listen and observe for now.”

Meanwhile—In the town of Outlook… Adelaide Susannah “Ma” Simpson was waiting for her friends to return.

Yes—THAT “Ma” Simpson.

* We’re changing history a bit here, GENTLE READER, neither “Saskatoon” nor “Outlook” existed in 1874.

Season 8—Chapter 9—Outlook—Episode 1:

Simpson didn't recognize the first bunch

Simpson didn’t recognize the first bunch

We start this chapter—with Ma Simpson in front of the “Gentleman’s Club”…Adelaide Susannah Simpson didn’t recognize the first bunch of Blackmon’s gang entering Outlook as she had not, or didn’t remember them, from Moosehead City. She just figured they were American cattle-drivers. Besides, she was distracted by not having heard back from her latest cattle “acquisiton.” Moose Barstow had not returned, and she was becoming concerned. There were, after all, others in the same acquisition business as she.

About half an hour later two more riders approached—and one of them Ma Simpson knew well—very well indeed, “McIntyre!”

Blackmon and McIntyre didn't notice Ma Simpson


Neither Susie nor Mac noticed Ma Simpson as they rode into Outlook—they were too busy planning their operation, “We should start at the pub.”

Agreed, Susie, and, of course we won’t know anyone already there, I wonder if they’ve met any new friends yet?”

Knowing Chris, I would guess the bait is in the water.”

Meanwhile—inside the Queen’s Pub…

Chris would be the first to admit—even after hours of training with James Butler Hickok IV, who had inherited his ancestor’s quick-draw, cocking the gun as he drew and firing in less than an eye-blink—she was not the fastest gun among her friends (Boomer had that distinction), but she was clearly the best shot. Still—she was much faster than the Americans she’d been speaking with.

That-there’s a mighty big Colt y’got there little lady,” the fellow to her left said, baiting her. Before he could finish his comment—she had her Colt .44 out and pointed at his head; cocked and ready to shoot.

Yes it is, cowboy.”

Inside the Queen's Pub

“Yes it is, Cowboy!”

To be Continued…


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10 Responses to Quickdraw

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    …We’re changing history a bit here, GENTLE READER, neither “Saskatoon” nor “Outlook” existed in 1874…

    REALLY? I never would have guessed! HA! 😀


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh the feeling of power!!!! WHAT A RUSH! Can I bring up Marty Robbins again…In Mr Shorty he says when you call me Shorty say Mister my friend maybe you’d rather be dead! So: ” When you call me little lady it is Ms Lady or maybe you’d rather be dead!” It is so good having internet again and being able to mull these things over. 🙂 BTW in case no one has noticed I loved Marty Robbins. 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Have you ever heard of Marty Robbins? 🙂


      • Chris Shouse says:

        Ha…I met him once when I was about 17 or so at our county fair I had loved him since I was a little girl. This was when he was still drinking very heavy. After the show he was out walking the fairway and I asked him if he would take me on a ride. He looked me up and down and just commented that I was a bit young! LOL 🙂


  3. Quickdraw. Ba ha ha ha. Guess you had to be there….


  4. Quickdraw McGraw? I thought he expired at the OK Corral.


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