At the Gentlemen’s Club—Susie and Chris confronted Ma Simpson… “We’ve been looking around, there isn’t enough cattle within a hundred miles of here to make rustling a paying operation.”

You’re right, there isn’t. This area is filled with small wheat farmers, and wheat is where the money is. I need to convince the farmers that it is in their best interest to sell-out to me.”

And you want us to help you convince them?” Susie asked.

Maybe, but I have another job that needs to be done first.”

And what would that job be?”

Kill a United States Marshal.”

A US Marshal? They have no authority here.”

This one does. He’s coming after me.”

For something you didn’t do, no doubt,” Chris grinned.

Oh…I did it alright.”

Season 8—Chapter 9—Outlook—Episode 5:

Simpson meets Chris & Susie

Simpson meets with Chris & Susie

Continuing our story—At the Gentlmen’s Club… “Killing a United States Marshal is never really a good idea.”

Ma Simpson looked at Chris as she replied, “It’s safer than killing a Mountie—that outfit will chase you down no matter where you go. But, a US Marshal? Most of them are just outlaws with a badge.”

Susie had to laugh, her long law enforcement experience confirmed that statement, “That’s true.”

Taking her cue, Chris smiled, “This marshal is as good as dead, Mrs. Simpson.”

Meanwhile, at the Queen’s Pub—the meeting continued… “The money will be right, but—it must be earned by completing an assignment.”

Big Mac glanced at Sarah—signalling that she was now the leader of this operation—she replied, “What would you have us do?”

Delonga met with Big Mac, Sarah & Jay in Victoria Pub

Big Mac glanced at Sarah—signalling that she was now the leader of this operation

I have a list of wheat farmers I’d like you to visit,” Delonga replied, “All nice and friendly-like. No need to threaten them, I’m sure they’ll get the message when you let them know I sent you.”

That’s it? You don’t want them killed?”

The killing will come later, I expect.”

And finally—back at the Victoria Station RR Yard…

North-West Mounted Police Sergeant Yatkov made his way to the RR yard—now assigned to Victoria Crossing, he had a mission for Larry & Boomer (the first thing he noticed, GENTLE READER, was that their horses looked a heck of a lot better than his horse and became very jealous—let-me-tell-you!), a mission he could not undertake, as the local prospectors were having difficulties getting along.

He was pretty sure they would not like this mission…

Meanwhile at the Victoria Station RR Yard

He was pretty sure they would not like this mission…

…he was right!

To be Continued…


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13 Responses to Missions

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I think we best come up with a plan here that does not include killing The Marshall!!! As much as I like to draw my gun not against a friend…so what is the plan?


  2. The horses are holding up extremely well. I’m appreciative that you gave me the biggest coffee cup.


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    I see MEEEEEEEEE in that last illustration! AR-ROOO!!!!


  4. fluttermatters says:

    “It’s safer than killing a Mountie”

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that the Master noted in his Hot Red anal wherein the Serge is associated with such statements and that it should be understood to be truer than true and should there be those who think otherwise which of course there are not but if “Foolish” be thy name then there be trouble for you should you think it otherwise and decide to engage the Power of the Serge.


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    The horses DO look amazing – but then they just fit the rest of the picture that way. 🙂 Mac put me in charge? Mac, you do know I’m easily distracted, right?


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