In a fix


And finally—back at the Victoria Station RR Yard…

North-West Mounted Police Sergeant Yatkov made his way to the RR yard—now assigned to Victoria Crossing, he had a mission for Larry & Boomer (the first thing he noticed, GENTLE READER, was that their horses looked a heck of a lot better than his horse and became very jealous—let-me-tell-you!), a mission he could not undertake, as the local prospectors were having difficulties getting along.

He was pretty sure they would not like this mission…

Sgt Yatkov explained the mission

He was pretty sure they would not like this mission…

…he was right!

Season 8—Chapter 9—Outlook—Episode 6:

Continuing our story—at the Victoria Station RR Yard… “Let’s go inside—the horses don’t need to hear what I have to tell you.”

So—you’re jealous of our horses, eh Murph?” Larry cracked-wise, “They are fine, sentient beings; you oughta get yourself one.”

Aw c’mon, Larry—you don’t ‘get one,’ a sentient horse picks their own,” Boomer smiled, “Maybe the sergeant isn’t worthy?”

ENOUGH! We have more important things facing us,” Yatkov was—shall I say? Jealous and irritated, “I WAS going to send you out to take care of the problem, but I think you need to be separated.”

A divorce?”

You’re coming with me, Larry, and Boomer here gets to be bored to tears enforcing the law here. You are now auxillary-constables of the North-West Mounted Police—I have that authority—and you have no choice.”

You can do that?”

I just did, Larry. We’ll get the supplies we need on our way—let’s go.”

As they stepped outside they heard, “I am Eyota-Gaaji and I have chosen you, Yatkov.”

The sentient horse at Victoria Station chose Yatkov

“I am Eyota-Gaaji and I have chosen you, Yatkov.”

Yatkov’s non-sentient horse had—disappeared…replaced by a sentient horse, with of all creatures, Flutters atop his saddle.

Meanwhile—At the Gentlmen’s Club… “You might as well take-on McIntyre now.”

Now?” Chris was surprised by Simpson’s comment—one doesn’t do these things in public. She slowly became aware of the clip-clop approach of horses and looked towards the sound; there they were, McIntyre and the Coopers riding slowly, deliberately towards the Gentlemen’s Club—she could almost hear the theme for Gary Cooper’s “High Noon” as they drew ever closer—grim looks upon their faces.

Next to her, Susie stiffened as she too noticed.

Confrontation outside Gentlmen's Club

Next to her, Susie stiffened as she too noticed.

They exchanged glances; both wondering how they managed to get themselves in such a fix.

To be Continued…


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17 Responses to In a fix

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I told you that plot was getting thick! How about “Who Shot Liberty Valance” This really is a pickle!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      I should have listened to you. “He was the bravest of them all.”


      • Chris Shouse says:

        and it wasn’t even a Marty song!!!! Gene Pitney 🙂


        • Jack Boardman says:

          I knew that! Unfortunately…just thinking about the song degenerates into an earworm. 😦


          • Chris Shouse says:

            LOL 🙂 Did you see the movie? I believe it was Jimmy Stewart as the lawyer. Who played the other guy that shot? Oh yes John Wayne and Lee Marvin was Liberty Valance.


            • Jack Boardman says:

              When Liberty Valance came to town, the women folk would hide, they’d hide./
              When Liberty Valance walked around, the men would step aside/
              because the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood./
              When it came to shooting straight and fast, he was mighty good./


          • Chris Shouse says:

            Did you see the movie? Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne. With Lee Marvin as Liberty! 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Gotta say, those are fine looking horses! And somehow they just show up, right when needed. 😉


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    WOW!!! Thunderhoof looks GREAT! 😀


  4. fluttermatters says:

    “You can do that?”

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters a number of cowboys who, while reclined in the company of Ms. Susie, have uttered these words. 🙂


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