“Curses…foiled AGAIN!”


Meanwhile, we find Susie & Co. ending their charge—aboard the Adventure Train… With the horses in the stable car and the humans & canines in the Parlor Car—and the train? Rocketing across the plains towards Victoria Station.

Jay Cooper summed-up (with some understatement) what everybody was thinking…

Everything’s a blur—This train is moving!”

About the same time—in the mountains north of Victoria Station… Murphy & the Larrys were met by a large company of the North-West Mounted Police moving south along the road. They were led by Inspector MacIntyre, “We waur misleid, lads! Th’ threat isnae tae th’ north, it’s against Victoria Station! We main ride lads, loch th’ win’!”

North West Mounted Police marching south

“…We main ride lads, loch th’ win’!”

They moved-out…at the gallop!

Season 8—Chapter 9—Outlook—Episode 11:

Several minutes earlier—Cujo arrived at the Victoria Station RR Yard Cabin…just as Boomer finished emptying his Remington .44 and was about to attempt to reload—seconds before a fusilade of fire from the raiders took him down, “With me—now Alpha-Jack!”

Boomer brought to 21st Century room

“With me—now Alpha-Jack!”

Boomer hesitated—Cujo did not, clamping her powerful jaws around his arm, she dragged him to the door into the 21st Century part of the cabin. He finally realized his danger, opened the door and slipped into the ante-room just as dozens of bullets struck the door.

Rubbing his arm, Boomer could say nothing—it would be a while before he could thank his old friend properly—this wonderful, fearless “Great Northern Beagamute.”

She would soon be hugged, petted, and scratched-behind-the-ears which made her so happy during her scant 13 years in the Real World—and had the same effect in cyberspace. No words needed to be said.

It was all the thanks she needed.

Fifteen minutes later at the RR Yard—from out of the north… the large squadron of Mounties arrived crashing with great force into the dismounted raiders causing them to fall back towards the passenger platform—their horses scattered into the forest.

Mounties preparing to charge

The large squadron of Mounties arrived…

They arrived at the platform just on time to be met by a charge by five determined sentient horses and their riders.

The riders firing, the dogs PepperCooper & Buttons snarling and barking, and the horses rearing up and crashing their mighty hooves down upon the hapless remaining raiders.

The stallion Pal and his small companion Daisy, joined the fray.

Assaulted from all sides the raiders quickly surrendered.

Finally—Somewhere near the mountains blue…An anguished voice was not heard to say… “Curses—foiled AGAIN!

Somewhere near the mountains blue

“Curses—foiled AGAIN!”

But—INDEED it was said…

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to “Curses…foiled AGAIN!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Well that was close and I am relieved to say the least!! You know we are all pretty brave when you think about it. Covert Affairs has nothing on us! 🙂 Foiled Again indeed!


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Curses—foiled AGAIN!”

    WHO is this guy?


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Good dog, Cujo. Good dog. 🙂 And that tapestry next to … Wow!


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