Seconds later—On the street in front of 21st Century Silverthorn’s Café…

Boomer and Daisy—quite to their collective surprise—found themselves in Shadowfax pulling up to Silverthorn’s Café.

Chris Shouse and Buttons were in the parking lot in front of the café, and they were equally surprised, “I was just talking to Larry and the next thing I know, I’m here.”

Chris met Boomer outside Silverthorn's Café

Chris met Boomer outside Silverthorn’s Café

I reckon Cujo has ended our visit to the past,” Boomer replied, “I can’t say I’m sorry; considering.”

Maybe Larry is inside—he must know the history, at least as it is now.”

Or how we changed it.”

Season 8—Chapter 10—British Columbia—Episode 1:

About the same time as our heroes returned to 2013—in 1874 British Columbia…

The villain and his birdbrain contemplated their unexpected defeat at the hands of mere mortals.

Villain & Birdbrain at his castle

The villain and his birdbrain contemplated their unexpected defeat at the hands of mere mortals.

The as yet unamed (hint, GENTLE READER, hint) was aware our heroes were no longer, at least for the moment, anywhere in 1874 Canada—or anywhere else, “How can they do this?”

Squawk!” The as yet unamed (hint, GENTLE READER, hint) birdbrain exclaimed.

Oh be QUIET!” He replied, “We must prepare for their return—they MUST return. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Meanwhile, Chris and Boomer joined the others—inside Silverthorn’s Café“Larry—look up at the illustration above and tell us where in Canada this guy might be.”

Larry studied the illustration—until his neck complained, “The illustration depicts British Coloumbia in sight of the massive Blue Mountain Range—many kolometers away—Flutters is always referring to those mountains.”

Was British Columbia part of the Northwest Territories in 1874?” Chris asked.

No,” Larry began, and continued, sounding much like a Wikipedia entry, “Both the depressed economic situation arising from the collapse of the gold rushes, as well as a desire for the establishment of truly responsible and representative government, led to enormous domestic pressure for British Columbia to join the Canadian Confederation, which had been proclaimed in 1867. The Confederation League, spearheaded by three future premiers of the province — Amor De Cosmos, Robert Beaven, and John Robson — took a leading role in pushing the colony towards this goal. And so it was on July 20, 1871, that British Columbia became the sixth province to join Canada.”

Thank you WikiLarry!” Chris laughed, “Now we need to find out how he was able to anticipate our movements and plan distractions.”

Chris and Boomer joined the others in Silverthorn's Café

“Thank you WikiLarry!” Chris laughed

Now that’s the question—isn’t it?

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to Villain

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Squawk!” The as yet unamed (hint, GENTLE READER, hint) birdbrain exclaimed.

    Just what this blog needs…ANOTHER BIRDBRAIN! 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    “WikiLarry”, hehe! 😀


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Well as usual in this excellent blog an intriguing twist of events! Waiting with much anticipation to meet this new villain and his birdbrain 🙂


  4. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that ‘WikiLarry’ will concur that the presence, that dark force and foreboding shadow standing in the hallway of the Banff Springs Lodge might be known by the Mounties Code names as “Blackie” and his feathered alter ego “Coal Dust”.

    The ultra secret names were given by the Mountie’s Secret Intelligence service who were aware of their presence long before the cyber pencil of the curmudgeon began to move pixels from chaos to image.

    The Mounties believed that they hailed from the veins of rough and tumble coal mining towns near Gillette. A Wyoming town near the “Devil’s Tower” – a place regarded as the source of all evil by the Cheyenne.

    Though it may seem beyond reason there exists the probability that the curmudgeon and his buddy sgtmajcarl have chosen to recognize them as “evil doing southerners” with names like Tex and Mex who have chosen to move across the 49th thinking the Red coated purveyors of law would not know of their presence or intent. Such fools Methinks thinks Fluttermatters for little do they understand the powers of Elton John Pink Diamond encrusted Blue Tooth Enabled spectacles that see only the truth and all things good.

    The blemishes accrued during their tenure in the gold rush tyranny of the south shall pale as they find themselves lost in the perfectly blue mountains where waters sparkle like pearls basking in sunlight.

    Always looking ahead for the twist in the road Methinks thinks Fluttermatters there is also the possibility that they may be failed students of the Master’s righteous path who stumbled and chose instead to follow the dark side – a side where few choose to travel. Regardless, one thing is certain. Renowned they are for all things nasty and nefarious. Wrongdoing they may choose but, little do they know that the MOUNTIES ALWAYS GET THEIR MAN.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      As usual, Flutters, an interesting take on what is happening to our heroes, however, you fail to take into account all the information which has been made available for consideration. For example:

      “The villain and his birdbrain contemplated their unexpected defeat at the hands of mere mortals.”

      THAT is critical, as the implication that they, or at least the Vllain, is immortal. And too if, as you claim:


      There is absolutely no reason for this story line to continue.
      The story-line will continue…and [sigh], so will you.

      Carry on, then. 😛


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