…AND—there is also an old growth white pine out front of this place.

Boomer chimed in, “Everything was normal until I came down the big hill from the bluff…

…and noticed the curbs gone as well and the town hall and marshal’s office moved closer to the bluff. How did this happen?”

While you were away we spoke with Cujo,” Kiwi Silverthorn said, “We had long wanted to return North Danger Bay to the way it looked before you all first arrived.”

The conversation continued Silverthorn's Café

“We had long wanted to return North Danger Bay to the way it looked before you all first arrived.”

And Cujo made it happen,” a broadly-smiling Hiram said, “Now, you may turn around and see for yourselves.”

Meanwhile—back in 1874 British Columbia…

Season 8—Chapter 10—British Columbia—Episode 3:

There are those who believe many “universes” exsist in the same space—separated by—time? I don’t really know, GENTLE READER, if this is true—but for our purposes it is true.

540BC—he was known as Pluribux—an extremely minor god of limited ability who made the mistake of referring to Athena as an “Uncontrolable Trollop’ and was summarily banished from Mount Olympus into the ether by Ζεύς (Zeus) who believed him dead, as no god could survive the ether.

He wandered the ether for a millenia—homeless—searching—finally reappearing in 13th Century Valhalla.

AD1255—He was known then as Baldja. Deeply lovesick after catching sight of the beautiful Gerðrk—first-cousin twice-removed of Odin, god of war, ruler of Valhalla, he soon wore out his welcome in Valhalla by refusing to believe she had spurned his advances—despite being repeatedly smitten by Gerðrk’s broadsword upside his head. Odin with one flick of his finger expelled him from Valhalla and back into the ether.

AD1869—He next appeared in the town of Sundance*, Wyoming Territory, located in the shadow of the Devil’s Tower and it is there he came across yet another expelled minor god, named Schwärzentaube.

What he didn’t know, but would soon learn…

The gods near Devil's Tower ©2013 Jack Boardman

What he didn’t know, but would soon learn…

To Be Continued…

*Located in the northeast corner of Wyoming, Sundance (established in 1875) is situated along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain range in the heart of the Wyoming Black Hills. Local terrain varies from tall grass prairie to ponderosa pine covered mountains. Sundance sits at an elevation of 4750 feet and elevations topping 6000 within a few short miles from the heart of town. After his release from the Sundance Jail in 1888, Harry Longabaugh acquired the moniker the Sundance Kid. For our purposes, Sundance was established in 1873…


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7 Responses to Sundance

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Nice writing…and the art work is superb…this guy gives me a knot in the pit of my stomach!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Heh—Heh! Researching this particular episode strained my brain-bone. You’ll be pleased to know there are many twists and turns yet to go in this story… 😀


  2. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that the gentle readers herein shall have a ‘Close Encounter of the Third Kind” 🙂


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Love the timeline! Has a history of banishment, eh? We’ll see what happens this time …


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