AD1869—He next appeared in the town of Sundance*, Wyoming Territory, located in the shadow of the Devil’s Tower and it is there he came across yet another expelled minor god, named Schwärzentaube.

What he didn’t know, but would soon learn…

*Located in the northeast corner of Wyoming, Sundance (established in 1875) is situated along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain range in the heart of the Wyoming Black Hills. Local terrain varies from tall grass prairie to ponderosa pine covered mountains. Sundance sits at an elevation of 4750 feet and elevations topping 6000 within a few short miles from the heart of town. After his release from the Sundance Jail in 1888, Harry Longabaugh acquired the moniker the Sundance Kid. For our purposes, Sundance was established in 1873…

Season 8—Chapter 10—British Columbia—Episode 3:

The story continues—With the gods near Devil’s Tower…where the minor god known as Schwärzentaube insists, “You must leave this place immediately.”

The gods near Devil's Tower

“Who are you to speak to me so?”

Who are you to speak to me so?” the minor god known variously as Pluribux and Baldja retorts.

I am a messenger—to whom you would be wise to listen,” Schwärzentaube replied.

And if I don’t?”

Seconds later—at a small castle high in the mountains blue… “I will bring you—here!”

Schwärzentaube & Pluribux Baldja at Castle Danger

“I will bring you—here!”

What is this place? How did you do that?”

I am Schwärzentaube! I have the power to move through the ether at will.”

But I am the greater god!” Pluribux/Baldja thundered, “I banish you to the ether!

Nothing happened—NOTHING!

If Schwärzentaube could smile—he would have, but beaked creatures don’t smile—even if they are relatively powerful minor gods.

You belong to me!” Schwärzentaube (in German—“Black Pigeon”) declared.

Schwärzentaube takes over at Castle Danger

“You belong to me!”

Now we know, GENTLE READER, just WHO has been manipulating events in 1874 Canada—SURPRISED?

Meanwhile—in 2013 Port of Danger Bay, Minnesota…

I like it!” Sarah exclaimed, “I’m looking forward to some time enjoying our new/old place and maybe visiting that waterfall.”

What about the rest of the town?” Chris asked Hiram.

The rest of the town is as it was originally developed—and that has historic significance as well.”

I wonder how soon we’ll be called back to the past.”

The conversation continued Silverthorn's Café

“I wonder how soon we’ll be called back to the past.”

I don’t know, Mac,” Hiram replied, “I do know Cujo left seconds before you arrived—she looked very concerned about something.”


To Be Continued…


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8 Responses to Schwärzentaube

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Once again a plot fraught with danger is being laid out before us. It is with great anticipation we will go forward again! 🙂 Love it!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh and yes I was surprised….what will Flutters have to say about this turn of events? I ponder this question as I head off to dream land 🙂


  3. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that there be amongst us those who have little faith in the powers of goodness.


  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m a little concerned about something, too!


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