Danger Bay Airfield


HA!” Karma quickly figured out Cujo’s plan, “No matter how powerful this god, Black Pigeon (Schwärzentaube) thinks he is, his fear of a natural predator will keep him from lunch and keep him from doing his god-thing against me.”

When expected supplies and hired guns failed to arrive, Pluribux became concerned—it was true they had stocked enough food and other supplies for a week or two, they couldn’t last long beyond that. When he expressed his concern to his master, Black Pigeon, the bird reluctantly told him of his problems feeding—that he kept sending this huge bald eagle into the ether only to have it return seconds later. He admitted an unreasonable fear of this predator, and how he could get some food—but not nearly enough.

I am am so stupid, sometimes!” Schwärzentaube exclaimed.


I know how to eliminate the eagle!”

Season 8—Chapter 10—British Columbia—Episode 7:

Continuing our story in 1874 British Columbia—outside the Castle…

Cujo spied on Schwärzentaube at the castle

Cujo spied on Schwärzentaube

Cujo returned—on a hunch—just seconds before Schwärzentaube exclaimed: I am am so stupid, sometimes…I know how to eliminate the eagle!” She had another hunch—she remembered the fear she felt when she was near; not enough fear to stop the gods—still she had this to work from. She called all the dog-people to her…

It is at this point, GENTLE READER, that we must leave 1874 behind until we begin Chapter 11. Not to worry—we are only talking about a five-episode-long cliffhanger!

Meanwhile—in 2013—our heroes went about their business…business that brought all of them, Chris & Buttons, Boomer & Daisy, the Coopers & PepperCooper, Larry & Flutters, and Big Mac to Danger Bay Airfield—we rejoin the story with the Coopers unexpectantly finding themselves driving out a long causeway south of the South Bay Penninsula, “Wait!” Jay exclaimed, “This seems to be the way to the airfield—but wasn’t it on top of the South Bay bluff?”

Things have changed, apparently.”

Coopers unexpectantly driving on a causeway

“Things have changed, apparently.”

I’m so confused.”

The causeway ended at an island in the middle of South Bay, climbed a low hill at the top of which was the airfield vehicle entry driveway directly in front of a rather impressive brick building and a massive hanger. They saw their friends cars parked by the hanger. Sarah parked her truck and the three entered the hanger office.

Surprise!” Chris greeted, “It seems our airfield has changed.”

The Coopers found their friends inside the hanger office

“Surprise!” Chris greeted, “It seems our airfield has changed.”

Indeed it had!

To Be Continued…


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10 Responses to Danger Bay Airfield

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    We look happy for the moment LOL great drawings!


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    A surprise mid-week, mid-episode cliffhanger! We’ve been double whammied!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    I think I like this long-time-to-resolve-cliffhanger! 😛


  4. Daisy Boardman says:

    I wonder what’s up Cujo’s sleeve? Oh WAIT! She’s a dog-person…no sleeves! AR-ROOO!!!


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