L16 Down


FLUTTERS! Knock it off with the Master-crap! We have a job to do.”

Oh Larry, how you underestimate me, much as my canine friend Daisy. My ‘Master’ ramblings are more for my own amusement and can be done without my straying from the task at hand. Rest assured my Canadian countryman, my far-keener-the-any-human-avian-eyes are seeing farther and with more clarity than any human’s. If there is anything out here in our search area—I will find it.”

Say what?” Larry was flabbergasted, and surprisingly to anyone acquainted with him, almost speechless. Almost, “You sound so…”

Larry and Flutters searching north of Eagle Point

“Say what?” Larry was flabbergasted

Yes, and no one will believe you should you recall this conversation.

That much is certain.

It was about then that Sarah and Chris noticed a change in the sound of the L16’s engine. Not a good change.

Season 8—Chapter 10—British Columbia—Episode 11:

Continuing our story—near Eagle Point…When the L16’s engine began to sputter—Sarah immediately found a place close to shore to land the airplane. She brought the little amphibian Aeronca down for a remarkably smooth landing while Chris radioed a distress-call giving their location—it was really too bad no one heard the call.

Sarah and Chris forced landing

Sarah and Chris forced landing

Worse-yet—Boomer and AJ were over-flying their position and neither one saw the L16 land: both had been just-then distracted by what first appeared to be a small boat along the shoreline off to their left, “I thought I saw a boat near shore, but now it’s gone.”

I did too, son,” Boomer repied, “I think we’ve been searching so long we’re starting to see mirages.”

Neither one saw the L16 below

Neither one saw the L16 below

No one has reported seeing anything, yet.”

Come to think of it, no one has been on the radio at all for some time.”

Meanwhile—ALL the search units lost radio contact…the airplane searchers had to return to base while the surface units could continue—reasoning correctly that if they found the missing airplane they could rescue survivors and just bring them back to port. The amphibious airplanes could as well, but they were running low on fuel so after several additional passes throught their respective sectors they began to return to to the airfield

Interesting enough, as soon as the neared Danger Bay Field their radios began to work.

As the sun set—Sarah & Chris prepared for nightfall… “We have a small tent and sleeping bags in the airplane, looks like we’ll be here for a while.”

I’m sure they’ll find us in the morning, Sarah.”

As the sun set Sarah & Chris prepared for nightfall

Ya think, Chris?

Ya think, Chris?

To Be Continued…


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12 Responses to L16 Down

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Ya I think Sarah lol Or Not 🙂 Good thing we are used to adverse conditions 🙂


  2. Daisy Boardman says:

    “Oh Larry, how you underestimate me, much as my canine friend Daisy…

    Watchit feather-brain, I KNOW who writes your dialogue! AR-ROOO!!!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I’m sure they’ll find us in the morning, Sarah.”

    I have a funny feeling about this…on a Friday.


  4. SweetWoman says:

    Hay yall 🙂 good to see you!!!


  5. Sarah Cooper says:

    I hope we brought snacks!


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