We’ve found you!


Meanwhile—ALL the search units lost radio contact…the airplane searchers had to return to base while the surface units could continue—reasoning correctly that if they found the missing airplane they could rescue survivors and just bring them back to port. The amphibious airplanes could as well, but they were running low on fuel so after several additional passes throught their respective sectors they began to return to to the airfield

Interesting enough, as soon as the neared Danger Bay Field their radios began to work.

As the sun set—Sarah & Chris prepared for nightfall… “We have a small tent and sleeping bags in the airplane, looks like we’ll be here for a while.”

I’m sure they’ll find us in the morning, Sarah.”

Ya think, Chris?

As the sun set Sarah & Chris prepared for nightfall

Ya think, Chris?

Season 8—Chapter 10—British Columbia—Episode 12 Conclusion:

Continuing our story—the fast-movers prepared to take off at sunset…

With Big Mac in the lead position—they brought their engines up to full throttle and released the brakes—they sound of four huge piston engines was deafening as the began their takeoff down the 4,000-foot runway—they never got into the air…

Fast-movers prepared to take off at sunset

They never got into the air…

Meanwhile—in the shadow of Eagle Point as the sun set Sarah & Chris prepared for nightfall by building a fire for a little warmth after which they found the little survival tent, food & sleeping bags…they got no further than dropping the stuff on the ground…

Suddenly without warning—Our heroes find themselves in 1874 British Columbia… riding in front of a small castle—partially surrounded by the largest number of Mounties they’d ever seen in one place—and a host of First Nation People surrounding the castle on three sides.

They were obviously expected to fill the gap between the two forces.

Larry calmly looked over at Chris and Sarah and quipped, “Hey! We’ve found you!”

Our heroes find themselves in 1874 British Columbia

“Hey! We’ve found you!”

Just about now, GENTLE READER, I suspect a little reminder of where we left off in 1874…When expected supplies and hired guns failed to arrive, Pluribux became concerned—it was true they had stocked enough food and other supplies for a week or two, they couldn’t last long beyond that. When he expressed his concern to his master, Black Pigeon, the bird reluctantly told him of his problems feeding—that he kept sending this huge bald eagle into the ether only to have it return seconds later. He admitted an unreasonable fear of this predator, and how he could get some food—but not nearly enough.

I am am so stupid, sometimes!” Schwärzentaube exclaimed.


I know how to eliminate the eagle!”

To Be Continued…


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8 Responses to We’ve found you!

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    It’s like I’m always wondering, “How did I get here?” 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh and Sarah and I were just getting ready to have a girl night around the campfire! 🙂


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “…they never got into the air…”

    THAT doesn’t sound good to me.


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