She had one last card to play


But these were mere humans and once the two recovered they could quite easily send them back into the ether—from where they could never escape.

They couldn’t sense Cujo sitting calmly in front of the castle gate as she was one second off from their time—thus invisible to them. Cujo immediately sensed fear emanating from Schwärzentaube but not enough to stop him. It was as she thought: the fear increased when she arrived more than when she revealed the human force surrounding the castle even though she was not in the same time as they.

Cujo then called PepperCooper & Daisy to her and the fear increased—but STILL not enough, so she brought them into the same time. And as she suspected—it helped, but was not enough as Schwärzentaube was a strong-enough god to resist even the presence of three canines.

She had one last card to play—would it be enough?

Season 8—Chapter 11—Airfield—Episode 2:

Cujo called PepperCooper & Daisy to her

Cujo called PepperCooper & Daisy to her

Rejoining the current story—and Cujo sitting in front of the castle gate…Above, the two minor gods could not understand the fear they were both experiencing—the fear was worse for Pluribux Baldja than even being expelled from Olympus and Valhalla.

Although not as intense as for Pluribux, the feeling of deep apprehension brought-on by the feeling of fear deep inside disturbed Schwärzentaube greatly—he was not accustomed to such a feeling. Time and again he continued to attempt expelling the surrounding mortals to the ether—without success, and this too, added to his apprehension—he didn’t see Cujo below deflecting his spells by sending them to a different time (some fifty years into the future where they would affect no one).

Cujo messed with poor Schwärzentaube’s mind a bit as she called Karma BigFeathers to this time for a second or two and had her fly near him just long enough to disrupt his attempts to banish the mortal humans.

Speaking of “mortal humans,” they could see Cujo, Daisy and PepperCooper in front of the gate. They wisely did not call-out to their canine friends—they just watched with increasing amusement, “It appears that Cujo is playing with those two on the wall.”

I think you’re right Jay,” Sarah replied, “Poor Pepper and Daisy—I hope they are enjoying this.”

Where’s Flutters?” Larry wondered aloud, “I’d hate to think he’s still in my Hellcat—no hands to take the stick—and his feet won’t reach the rudder pedals.”

Karma & Flutters swoop on Schwärzentaube

It was then they saw the great war-eagle Karma appear

It was then they saw the great war-eagle Karma appear—accompanied by a small gray & white carrier-pigeon as they swooped down towards Schwärzentaube only to disappear before the god could possibly react.

Cujo decided then to play what she hoped was her trump card.

Now Buttons—NOW!” Cujo commanded, and instantaniously Buttons appeared in front of the gate.

Finally Cujo called Buttons to her

“Now Buttons—NOW!”

To Be Continued…


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6 Responses to She had one last card to play

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Brave little Buttons! (I love their bandanas, too!)


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    You would even question that Buttons would not be everything Cujo told her to be? She will do what she needs to do after all she comes from a good fighting home lol 🙂


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    And THEN what happened? Oh…CLIFFHANGERDANGIT! 😛


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