Schwärzentaube maniacally laughed


I think you’re right Jay,” Sarah replied, “Poor Pepper and Daisy—I hope they are enjoying this.”

Where’s Flutters?” Larry wondered aloud, “I’d hate to think he’s still in my Hellcat—no hands to take the stick—and his feet won’t reach the rudder pedals.”

It was then they saw the great war-eagle Karma appear—accompanied by a small gray & white carrier-pigeon as they swooped down towards Schwärzentaube only to disappear before the god could possibly react.

Cujo decided then to play what she hoped was her trump card.

Now Buttons—NOW!” Cujo commanded, and instantaniously Buttons appeared in front of the gate.

Finally Cujo called Buttons to her

“Now Buttons—NOW!”

Season 8—Chapter 11—Airfield—Episode 3:

Concluding this part of Chapter 11—with the appearance of Karma and Flutters…

As Cujo expected—the fear felt by Schwärzentaube peaked beyond ANY experience he had thus far in his long existence and he willed himself & Pluribux Baldja into the ether.

He thought they were safe there only to discover someone else had joined them—CUJO!

Schwärzentaube, Pluribux Baldja & Cujo in the Ether

“You shall never return to Earth!”

You shall never return to Earth!” our time-bending canine declared.

Nor shall you—mortal dog!” Schwärzentaube replied

I am not mortal—I am long-dead in the real world—you can not harm me.”

I can keep you here.”

No—you can’t. Not only that, but you cannot remain here as I have other plans for you.”

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Schwärzentaube maniacally laughed, “You may TRY!”

AR-ROOO!!! AR-ROOO!!! AR-ROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Cujo (who you may recall is HALF-Beagle) bayed. And there was a suble change in the Ether, a change neither Schwärzentaube nor Pluribux Baldja perceived.

They did, however, notice Pepper, Daisy, Buttons & Karma arrive in the Ether and again felt great fear.

Pepper, Daisy, Buttons & Karma arrive in the Ether

They did, however, notice Pepper, Daisy, Buttons & Karma arrive in the Ether and again felt great fear.

Schwärzentaube commanded, “Begone intruders—to Valhalla from where you cannot return! Let those Norse Gods deal with you!”

Nothing happened.

You are in a different ‘Ether,’ one from which you cannot escape as it, and these friends who have agreed to keep-watch over you, are one second ahead in time from your Ether & their world. Their lives elsewhere will not be affected—but you? They shall be your friends until the end of time.”


Oh—MY, GENTLE READER, now what?

Well—for starters—our heroes had a chance to speak with Master Sergeant Yatkov and Inspector MacIntyre briefly before finding themselves back in the 21st Century exactly where they were when they left—on the cusp of yet another strange adventure…

To Be Continued…


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6 Responses to Schwärzentaube maniacally laughed

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    “On the cusp of yet another strange adventure…”

    Because strange adventures are the ones we’re best at. 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    We are good at strange adventures….. 🙂


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