Old Radio!


AR-ROOO!!! AR-ROOO!!! AR-ROOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Cujo (who you may recall is HALF-Beagle) bayed. And there was a suble change in the Ether, a change neither Schwärzentaube nor Pluribux Baldja perceived.

They did, however, notice Pepper, Daisy, Buttons & Karma arrive in the Ether and again felt great fear.

Schwärzentaube commanded, “Begone intruders—to Valhalla from where you cannot return! Let those Norse Gods deal with you!”

Nothing happened.

Pepper, Daisy, Buttons & Karma arrive in the Ether

Nothing happened.

You are in a different ‘Ether,’ one from which you cannot escape as it, and these friends who have agreed to keep-watch over you, are one second ahead in time from your Ether & their world. Their lives elsewhere will not be affected—but you? They shall be your friends until the end of time.”


Oh—MY, GENTLE READER, now what?

Well—for starters—our heroes had a chance to speak with Master Sergeant Yatkov and Inspector MacIntyre briefly before finding themselves back in the 21st Century exactly where they were when they left—on the cusp of yet another strange adventure…

Season 8—Chapter 11—Airfield—Episode 4:

We rejoin our story—somewhere near Eagle Point…Sarah & Chris didn’t notice the motor boat anchored in the shadow of Eagle Point—as it had been even when they taxied the crippled L16 towards shore—so intent on a safe landing and reaching shore.

The 50s-era Chris-Craft inboard motor boat’s driver did nothing to assist them either; ‘though he did observe their landing. Why would he? He was, after all, the one who CAUSED the engine problem—along with the loss of radio communications.

Sarah & Chris didn't notice the motor boat

Sarah & Chris didn’t notice the motor boat

To what end?


Meanwhile at Danger Bay Field—The Lightning, Hellcat & Mustang roared into the sky…and almost immediately lost radio contact. Still—they set a course for Eagle Point where they were certain they’d find Chris and Sarah (the two remembered to tell them the approximate location while they were in 1874 British Columbia).

The Lightning, Hellcat & Mustang roared into the sky

It was AJ who first figured out how to defeat the radio interference, “Dad! I think I know a work-around that will restablish radio contact.”


Yep. We installed a long-wave transmitter at the airfield and these old airplanes still have long-wave radios—right?”

Yes, they do. Oh WAIT! I get it. It’s unlikely whoever is jamming us bothered with anything other than Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) because no one uses long wave technology anymore.”

We do,” AJ replied as he grabbed the old microphone and transmitted, “Attention all aircraft – attention all aircraft.”

Larry and Mac about jumped out of their respective seats—their surprise complete at the scratchy, yet understandable transmission, “Who IS this?”

This is AJ, we have long-wave communications!”

To Be Continued…


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6 Responses to Old Radio!

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “…Larry and Mac about jumped out of their respective seats…”

    I HATE it when that happens! 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Loving the beautiful skies! NOT loving the sneaky sabotage … !


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow we really moved fast back to where we were. Love the work around on the radio’s…now Whom is trying to sabotage us? Cliff hanger Friday is coming up!


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