Dangerous boat

Airfield BannerPreviously:

It was AJ who first figured out how to defeat the radio interference, “Dad! I think I know a work-around that will restablish radio contact.”


Yep. We installed a long-wave transmitter at the airfield and these old airplanes still have long-wave radios—right?”

Yes, they do. Oh WAIT! I get it. It’s unlikely whoever is jamming us bothered with anything other than Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) because no one uses long wave technology anymore.”

We do,” AJ replied as he grabbed the old microphone and transmitted, “Attention all aircraft – attention all aircraft.”

Larry and Mac about jumped out of their respective seats—their surprise complete at the scratchy, yet understandable transmission, “Who IS this?”

This is AJ, we have long-wave communications!”

Season 8—Chapter 11—Airfield—Episode 5:

Flutters spotted the motor boat

Flutters spotted the motor boat

Sometime after regaining radio communications—Flutters spotted a motor boat…It was cruising slowly well-out from shore—Larry radioed the others, “We found a motor boat out on the lake—follow me.”

By this time, AJ had radioed the airfield tower and instructed them to inform the surface boats to switch to their long-wave radios and head for Eagle Point.

They were soon flying over the motorboat.

Meanwhile—at the Danger Bay Airfield main hanger…Medlar Farkleberry had been hired by AJ to work part-time training his airplane service technician and was hanging around in case he could help with the search for Chris and Sarah. He overheard the message to switch to long-wave radio as he was checking the motor on the DeHaviland—and found nothing wrong with it, curiously enough.

Farkleberry was working on the DeHaviland

Farkleberry was working on the DeHaviland

He was not a man to wait around for someone to make a decision—he immediately went up into the parts warehouse as he had a hunch—a hunch that there were probably some old long-wave radios hiding there. He found one—just one old radio back in a corner behind other parts.

He grabbed the radio and was soon installing it in the DeHaviland, reasoning correctly that this airplane was the one needing the radio the most (as it was the only remaining amphibious airplane). The only thing he didn’t do—was make sure the radio actually worked.

About the same time—aboard the motor boat…The driver saw the approaching airplanes and quickly deployed a strange-looking antenna(?) and flipped-on an equally strange device connected to the antenna.

The motor boat driver deployed omnidirectional antenna

The motor boat driver deployed omnidirectional antenna

Immediately after—all four engines—two on the Lightning and one-each on the Mustang and Hellcat began to miss badly—prompting all three pilots to look in vain for a place to land—there was no such place.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The motor boat illustration is based upon a photograph of a 1952 Chris Craft owned by my neighbors Jason “Jbone” Swanson and his wife Katie Swanson.

Nice boat—huh!

Swanson's Chris-Craft

Nice boat—huh!

To Be Continued…


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9 Responses to Dangerous boat

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh no the cliff hanger leaves them hanging over the water! Is a nice boat..excellent drawings as usual! 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Thanks…but…there is one illustration that is MAJORLY MESSED-UP…I saw it in time to fix it & decided to leave it posted…making an additional cliffhanger. The corrected illustration will appear on Monday. 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Love seeing the “real life” inspiration! VERY nice boat! I think I see it … now a cliffhanger to see if I was right!


  3. Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that it was a mistake to put ‘boat gas’ in the Hellcat.


  4. Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that is a big word. Not sure the Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp gets that sort of thing.


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