Airfield Seven Tables

Airfield BannerPreviously:

No one in his or her right mind, GENTLE READER, ever doubts Medlar Farkleberry when it comes to things mechanical, so they followed his instructions—but not before, “Slow down, Larry—Master says I must bail-out and fly with the gulls!”


Do it! The guy in the motor boat won’t notice a spy among the gulls!” And so Larry slowed and Flutters bailed.

Meanwhile—aboard the Chris-Craft…the boat’s driver couldn’t help but notice the three airplanes moving away from his position. He realized then that they were ignoring the engine problems and decided to make all good haste to his island—obviously he had to modify his plans. And he would.

He didn’t pay attention to the seagulls—he probably should have.

The Chris-Craft glided into the hidden cove

He didn’t pay attention to the seagulls—he probably should have.

Season 8—Chapter 11—Airfield—Episode 7:

Returning to our story—with the spy, Flutters and his new friends…followed the Chris-Craft motor boat as it slowly entered the cove of a small island jutting out of the lake five miles north of Eagle Point. A big granite rock jutting up steeply from the lake.

Not a sentient bird in this flock,” Flutters thought as he did his best to emulate the flight-pattern of the seagulls, “Methinks this is worthy of a consultation with the Master—or Hiram Silverthorn, Sr—are there no sentient seagulls?”

The motor boat slipped into a natural cave on the island; Flutters wisely chose not to follow, but instead circled the island to see if there was another cave entry.

There was not.

Meanwhile—not far away we find the Mustang, Hellcat and Lightning…flying just a bit north of Eagle point, “I think I see the L16!

Big Mac keyed his mic, “Where away AJ?”

Dad! Turn about six degrees to starboard,” AJ said over the intercom and then replied to Mac, “Off our starboard wing, we’re turning now.”

Roger that—light-up the sky!” And all three old warbirds did just that (Boomer had to drop his Mustang’s wheels to expose its landing lights as they are attached to the wheel-strut—causing some serious shaking of the plane…and AJ).

Wheels down?”

AJ found the L16

“Wheels down?”

Landing lights.”

Thanks for the warning, old man.”

Anytime, offspring.”

Chris and Sarah were awakened by the sound of the warbirds overflying—and by the time they crawled out of their shelter, the big DeHaviland amphibian had already landed and was taxiing next to their L16; Susie and Jay had arrived nearby just as AJ found their airplane.

The big DeHaviland taxied next to the L16

The big DeHaviland taxied next to the L16

Just about as all this was going-on—Lar Farkleberry…required coffee and walked out of the main hanger and was about to head for Silverthorn’s Café when he saw…

The NEW Seven Tables was open

The NEW Seven Tables was open!

…the NEW Seven Tables was OPEN!!!

To Be Continued…


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4 Responses to Airfield Seven Tables

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Sarah looks like our girls sleep over is over lol it will be good to go home yes? 🙂 Can’t wait to see the new Seven Tables!


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “…the NEW Seven Tables was OPEN!!!”

    Okay…I KNOW I’m hungry! 😛


  3. Jack Boardman says:

    WHAT? Three comments? Is EVERYBODY on vacation? [sigh] I NEED another vacation! 😛


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