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Airfield BannerPreviously:

Meanwhile in a hidden cave in a small island—He couln’t understand why his plan didn’t work… His plan was good (he WAS a genius after-all)—but they somehow found a way to foil his great plan. The question was “how?”

He thought about this a long time and finally decided for now, at least, he’d concentrate his next plan. He figured they’d figured-out a way to jam his signal—he began to work on an upgrade to his “Master Interruptor 5000” transmitter.

After many hours of research he began to smile. Using his landline phone he made a call to an old friend—and former collaborator…

Season 8—Chapter 11—Airfield—Episode 10:

Back to the hidden cave—as our unnamed protagonist is joined his old friend…also as-yet unnamed. They began to collaborate on a wicked-good plan—a plan, GENTLE READER, the details of which are so secret—even I have no clue what they might be

A 1950s finned runabout entered the cave



Meanwhile, outside the cave, Flutters made note of the 1950’s-era runabout as it entered the cave and also made note of the fact he must return to the airfield—mostly because he could not radio his information back. Instead he had to fly back. He made a note to talk to Farkleberry about this—yes he would.

He bade farewell to his seagull companions set-out for the airfield.

About the same time at Seven Tables—our heroes noticed AJ & Susan had left… “How’d they DO that?”

I don’t have a clue, Chris,” Sarah replied, “But this sort of thing is rather common on this blog.”

Boomer’s not always good at segueways,” Big Mac rumbled, “He should practice.”

I heard that, Carl; I’m in the same room, y’know.”

I hadn’t noticed.”

Well, for your information, Carl,” Boomer was a little indignant and it showed in his voice, “Susan and AJ are arranging flying lessons; he is going to teach her how to fly a helicopter. AJ wants to build a search & rescue/medivac operation.”

MEDEVAC? Why was I not included?” Chris was, after all, more than qualified now as a physician, “Besides, that would leave me as the only one not a pilot.”

I was just getting to that, Chris. Doc McLean wants to train you on emergency medicine first, then AJ will give you flight lessons. He wants you to meet him tomorrow at his office.”

Speaking of ‘wants,’ whatever happened to the D-model Mustang?”

Soon, Jay, soon,” Boomer sighed, “I’ve been kinda busy building that helecopter.”

It was then that Flutters returned with information—and his own “want!”

Methinks I want to be radio-equipped—my wings are worn-out!”

Flutters returned

“Methinks I want to be radio-equipped—my wings are worn-out!”

Lar Farkleberry smiled.

To Be Continued…


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8 Responses to Want list

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    OH GOODY!!!! I get to learn to fly Woot…(jumping up and down and twirling around) Danger is my middle name 🙂


    • sgtmajcarl says:

      Cyber-life is about to get a little more complicated for you now (as if it wasn’t already… veterinarian…frontier doctor… modern doctor… gunfighter… et al)! 😀


      • Chris Shouse says:

        and don’t forget running the orphanage which I assume I left in good repair and hands! I lead such an amazing life in cyber-life 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    So secret even the author doesn’t know! That’s really, really secret! 😀


  3. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that the ‘Long In The Tooth’ curmudgeon has forgotten that my mighty Pink Diamond Encrusted goggles are BLUE TOOTH enabled thereby and forever negating the need for a RADIO.

    Thinking about it further, a trait learned in the high clear Blue Mountains to the left of the east coast methinks thinks Fluttermatters that the ‘Long In The Tooth’ curmudgeon has also misplaced his thoughts that carried the notion of the superior though clandestine training amongst the Master’s ‘Best of the Best’ feathered and suave flight core which as we all know but selectively choose to ignore, would preclude any whining about the need for such a transparent if not disfunctional apparatus such a radio.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Poor Birdbrain…Both cell phones and Blue Tooth untilize UHF radio frequencies: “…All cellular phone networks worldwide use a portion of the radio frequency spectrum designated as ultra high frequency, or “UHF”, for the transmission and reception of their signals. The ultra high frequency band is also shared with television, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmission…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cellular_frequencies


    • Daisy Boardman says:

      Geee, Flutters, you sure stuck your beak in it this time! AR-ROOO!!!


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