“What’s happening to Doc McLean?”

Airfiled BannerPreviously:

MEDEVAC? Why was I not included?” Chris was, after all, more than qualified now as a physician, “Besides, that would leave me as the only one not a pilot.”

I was just getting to that, Chris. Doc McLean wants to train you on emergency medicine first, then AJ will give you flight lessons. He wants you to meet him tomorrow at his office.”

Speaking of ‘wants,’ whatever happened to the D-model Mustang?”

Soon, Jay, soon,” Boomer sighed, “I’ve been kinda busy building that helecopter.”

It was then that Flutters returned with information—and his own “want!”

Methinks I want to be radio-equipped—my wings are worn-out!”

Flutters returned

“Methinks I want to be radio-equipped—my wings are worn-out!”

Lar Farkleberry smiled.

Season 8—Chapter 11—Airfield—Episode 11:

We continue our story at Seven Tables—moments after Flutters’ comment… Medlar Farkleberry loved a challenge, and configuring a LF receiver/transmitter to fit Flutter’s headgear was just such a challenge, “Come see me at my place this afternoon, Flutters. I think I kin help yuh out.”

Master will be pleased if you can,” Flutters replied. Oddly without further comment, Flutters flew off to wherever it is he goes when he’s offstage.

About the same time—AJ was introducing Susan to the helecopter “This is a Sikorsky UH-19B rescue ‘copter, Susan. It is equipped for landing both on water or on land.”

Sikorsky UH-19B rescue 'copter

“It’s big.”

It’s big.”

It’s also old, it first saw service during the Korean Conflict in 1952, it was retired from active service in 1967 and instead of being scrapped, it was stored at the Duluth Air National Guard base where we found it.”

Is it safe to fly?”

It is now. We acquired it only because I have a friend at the airbase who had been ordered to have it removed for scrap—instead, he contacted me. Let’s just say it disappeared—and reappeared here, where Med Farkleberry completely restored it to like-new condition, and customized it for our purposes. Lets get started with your training. First—ground school.”

The next morning—Chris found Doc McLean in his office… “Oh good, you’re here Chris, let’s get started.”

In Doc McLean's office

“Chris, let’s get started.”

How long will this take?”

Oh—not long, I think you are quite-qualified already,” McLean smiled, “I’ll ask some questions—you’ll answer them—I’ll certify you. It’s really just a formality.

It was as he spoke she noticed a change in Doc’s appearance…

What’s happening to Doc McLean?” Chris wondered.

Doc's appearance changed

“What’s happening to Doc McLean?”

To Be Continued…


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7 Responses to “What’s happening to Doc McLean?”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Whoa, that’s quite a makeover! I wonder if that ever happens outside Danger Bay, and how one might get an appointment …


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I am with you Sarah. Looks as if he is getting younger and I get to be certified quickly also. Isn’t my Buttons cute. She is laying here on my lap as we speak 🙂


  3. Daisy Boardman says:

    I would like a makeover—into a Great Dane! BOL AR-ROOO!!!


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