A meeting in AJ’s Office

Search & Rescue BannerPreviously: It will come to no surprise to our GENTLE READERS that soon Airfield Seven Tables became THE go-to place for a gourmet meal, followed—of course, by one of Susan’s signature dessert offerings.

Season 9—Chapter 1—Search & Rescue—Episode 1—In AJ’s Office:

A meeting in AJ's Office

Meeting in AJ’s Office

I have to fly-out to LaCrosse Wisconsin for a wrestling match this morning,” AJ began the meeting attended by Susan Miller, Chris Shouse, and Captain Randy Kidd, “If any of you wish to attend it will be at Frumpkin’s Bar & Grille—their french-fried corn-chips-on-a-stick are to die for.”

Is this a paid promo?” Chris asked.

No, just a way to start a meeting with small-talk,” AJ deadpanned, “Randy?”

Yeah, boss?”

Shaddock Farkleberry just finished a new rescue boat for you and your crew. It’s docked in the harbor. When we’re done here you and your crew head over there and take her out for a shakedown cruise.”

Gotcha, AJ. We go see Shad, then?”

He has the keys.”

Chris and I should take the Sikorsky out,” Susan was grinning in anticipation, “And see what she’ll do.”

Good idea,” AJ was smiling and looking towards Chris as he spoke, “Rescue medic is officially an unarmed position, unlike your ‘experiences’ in the past.”

Chris heard the word “officially,” and smiled. To herself.

Meanwhile—at Silverthorn’s Café, we find Boomer, Daisy, Larry, Sarah, Lar and Flutters…

So Boomer,” Larry looked a little worried, “What’s the plan to take out the man in the Chris-Craft?”

I dunno. I hoped you had one.”


I have a plan,” Flutters squawked, “Master says…”

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to A meeting in AJ’s Office

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    We need a plan!


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Somehow, I read, “Crap!” in Linda Davis’ voice. 🙂


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I never was good with official orders! We have a plan ” Master says and I am sure it will be a good one 🙂


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