A small trawler

Search & Rescue BannerPreviously: “They are having some sort of problem, and need a part,” Sidney continued, “But Sylvia thinks, based on their conversations, not until after the weekend. They are awaiting that part being delivered from Grand Marais. They don’t expect it until Saturday.”

This was important news—but Flutters was so-engaged in showing the Gulls how to use their helmets—he delayed reporting until evening when he realized he hadn’t passed the information on.

Well, no matter—they won’t get the parts ’til Saturday,” he thought.

Season 9—Chapter 1—Search & Rescue—Episode 4—Susan & Chris were in the air…

Susan flew the Sikorsky low & fast over the water not too far from Rock Island where Flutters was meeting with Sidney Seagull, “Oh—this is an abosolute HOOT, Chris—here take the controls and have some FUN!

Susan flew the Sikorsky low & fast

“Oh—this is an abosolute HOOT, Chris—here take the controls and have some FUN!”

Chris grabbed the controls* and put the ‘copter through all kinds of maneuvers—even some thought impossible for such an aircraft to perform. If she thought that either Susan or Buttons were frightened in the least bit, Button’s tail was wagging furiously and Susan had the widest grin you could imagine.

The crewmembers below were also enjoying the ride, apparently, as Thomas Blackhawk quipped over the intercom, “Thanks for the warning you were taking us on a thrill-ride!”

Oops! Sorry Tom—is everyone okay?”

Smiles and tail-wagging seem to express our collective opinions.”

With that, Chris played a bit longer and then handed control of the craft back to Susan—who after warning those below mimicked Chris’ maneuvers exactly and flawlessly before returning to normal, if boring, flight.

As they turned towards the airfield to return home, Chris noticed a small trawler heading northeast. It didn’t seem unusual to her.

It should have.

*A helicopter pilot manipulates the helicopter flight controls in order to achieve controlled aerodynamic flight. The changes made to the flight controls are transmitted mechanically to the rotor, producing aerodynamic effects on the helicopter’s rotor blades which allow the helicopter to be controlled. For tilting forward and back (pitch), or tilting sideways (roll), the angle of attack of the main rotor blades is altered cyclically during rotation, creating differing amounts of lift at different points in the cycle. For increasing or decreasing overall lift, the angle of attack for all blades is collectively altered by equal amounts at the same time resulting in ascents, descents, acceleration and deceleration.

A typical helicopter has three separate flight control inputs. These are the cyclic stick, the collective lever, and the anti-torque pedals. [Wikipedia]

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to A small trawler

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I almost need Dramamine after reading today’s post! 😀


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Reading the tutorial on how to fly a helecopter makes me glad my character limits his activities to flying conventional aircraft! 😛


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    wow Buttons is laying here on my lap licking my arm as I read this to her….. 🙂


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