Bad guys have names—seriously!

Search & Rescue BannerPreviously: “WAIT!” Buttons exclaimed, “What about me?”

We’ll be relieved here soon by the tower operator, and I’ll need you in the ‘copter.”

That satisfied the the feisty little Buttons.

Meanwhile…with all the sentient birds off searching—the two miscreants made their escape from Rock Island—and were heading towards the Apostle Islands where they had another hideout…

Season 9—Chapter 1—Search & Rescue—Episode 8—Bad guys beached their boats“We should get the boats under cover now, Jack.”

Larry & Jack outside their laboratory

“We should get the boats under cover now, Jack.”

“Agreed, Larry, I’ll move the brush-gate from the mouth of the stream while you bring the boats around,” Doctor Jack Yatters said as he walked towards the gate.

Doctor Larry Boomer carefully attached a line from his Chris-Craft to the smaller red runabout and slowly drove the boats to mouth of the stream and motored up the stream to a large cave.

Gazing out from the dock in front of Larry’s large (and I might add—sinister) laboratory Dr. Jack Yatters asked, “Since we lost that part when we tested the device, how do you propose we proceed?”

“Simple, Jack,” His malevolence clearly showing in his voice, Larry continued, “We simply make our own part. The only reason I had the part shipped was that it would be quicker.”

“And now we have all the time we need.”

On the opposite side of the island AJ and Boomer made their way toward the crash site totally unaware they had passed by a sensor—a sensor which sent a signal to the laboratory.

“We appear to have company, Doctor Boomer. Let’s check the cctv monitors.”

They did just that.

AJ and Boomer appear to have a small problem…

To be Continued…


About Jack Boardman

Just a little bit of a Curmudgeon.
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6 Responses to Bad guys have names—seriously!

  1. Daisy Boardman says:

    But…I’m with them—They’ll be okay—AR-ROOO!!!


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Those “small problems” don’t always stay small.


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    OH no detection is not a good sign. If they did not notice Daisy that will be the ace in the hole!


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