Cujo the Beagamute

Disruption BannerPreviously: “You docs’ll take me with you—right?” Henry Smithers, head of security simply had to ask.

Of course—but the rest of our security people will be remaining.”

That Smithers believed them, GENTLE READER, boggles even my mind—and I’m writing this crap!

Meanwhile—inside the prison cell—Daisy quietly did something she should have done months ago, Quietly, in a whisper, “Cujo—where are you, big Sister? We need you—now!”

Season 9—Chapter 3—Disruption—Episode 2—three months later—we find…Daisy calling for her big sister, Cujo—and seconds later, Cujo the Beagamute arrived inside the cell, AJ, Boomer and Daisy exclaimed in unison, “CUJO!

Cujo the Beagamute arrived inside the cell


Can you spring us?” AJ asked, after greeting his first dog-person with the expected petting and scratching-behind-the-ears.

Not exactly,” Cujo grinned her crooked grin, “But I can send you to the past—where there is some important work for you and your friends to accomplish.”

Making us ‘disappear’ from this cell,” Boomer grinned, “That oughta give’em a start!”

All our friends?”

No Andy,” Cujo still called AJ, ‘Andy,’ as she knew him before he rejected that in favor of ‘Andrew’ (sorta like my uncles called me ‘Jackie’ until they passed-on), “Just Sarah & Jay Cooper and Susie, the rest are continuing to look for you; that needs to continue.”

Where are we going?”

Pioneer Nevada.”

Moments later, Security chief Smithers casually looked inside the cell—and found it empty, he quickly hit the intercom button and shouted, “Theyre gone!”

Meanwhile—somewhere in 1870’s Nevada…

To be Continued…


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3 Responses to Cujo the Beagamute

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Andy. 🙂 My brother was Jimmy when he was small, but he’s been Jim since his teens. Sometimes I’d look at my girls when they were babies, and in my head I’d think, “Jimmy.” (And then for just a second I’d wonder where that came from.)


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Meanwhile—somewhere in 1870′s Nevada…”

    Oh BOY! Time travel! 🙂


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