A good question

Disruption BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—in 1870s Nevada…AJ, Boomer, Daisy, and their horses found themselves alone on the desert. Sarah, Jay and Susie had disappeared, and in the distance the riders were still pursuing them.

CUJO!” Daisy bayed (once again).

Season 9—Chapter 3—Disruption—Episode 5—On the Nevada Desert… There were at least ten riders—too many to engage in the open, “Cujo will just have to find us. Daisy—jump-up!”

Riders in the distance

Riders in the distance

Once Daisy was safely aboard, Pal set a pace which no non-sentient horse could match—AJ’s horse, “Wrassler,” had all he could to to keep-up, but he managed and soon they were far-enough away to hide safely in the scrub brush and rocks on some high ground.

It was a defensible position with no way for their adversaries to out-flank them.

Well—that was fun!”

Easy for you to say, Human,” Wrassler replied, “You just sat there.”

And I appreciate your effort, when we get back you’ll find extra oats in your feedbag.”

Well—Okay, then.”

Equine-people, get down below the rise,” Boomer ordered, “We don’t want stray bullets to find you.”

Didja think we weren’t smart enough to figure that out,” Pal said with a touch—just a touch of irony in his whinny.

I never quite know with you, Pal,” Boomer replied in kind, “Andrew, let’s start picking-away at them as soon as they are in range of our long guns.”

AJ, with carbine already in hand simply grinned.

Susie, Sarah and Jay returned to the present at the airfield just in time to learn of Chris, Susan and company in the Sikorsky UH-19B going down off the same Apostle Island as Boomer & AJ, “We gotta take the DeHavilland and fly out there.”

And if they engage their device again?” Larry asked as he and Big Mac joined them.

Good question,” Sarah sighed.

To be Continued…

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8 Responses to A good question

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Well this is getting verrrrrrrrry interesting 🙂


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Interesting is good! And I have to say, your illustration in this post is just gorgeous! I feel like it’s a fantastic sunny day just looking at it — and then I look outside and it’s just not the same. Perhaps you could illustrate Wednesday for me off our back porch?


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