Captain Kidd

Disruption BannerPreviously: “Are you sure you’re not underestimating them—once again?”

Oh—I don’t think so.”

I’m just saying, you DID underestimate them—how else can you explain the disappearance of our prisoners?”

I really can’t,” Dr. Boomer replied, “Except, perhaps, they had outside help. Magic, perhaps?”

Magic? Really?”

Oh shut up and let me think!”

As they were having this…um…stimulating conversation, two float planes prepared to land—with the necessary supplies to repair the DeHavilland and get Susan and Chris back in the game…

Season 9—Chapter 3—Disruption—Episode 7—Two float-planes arrived…and Lar Farkleberry and Jay Cooper set about repairing the damaged DeHavilland while those not involved with the repairs decided, with the help of Flutters and the sentient seagulls and all available canines, to set about searching the island one more time.

It was the seagulls that first noticed the hidden cave entrance and radioed its position. Randy Kidd and crew in the new “Rescue Boat 01” found the cave opening and simply drove their boat in.

Rescue Boat 01 found the cave

Rescue Boat 01 found the cave

By the time the others arrived, Randy Kidd and his crew had overpowered and captured all the guards left behind and had them secured in Rescue 01, “Since they won’t let me retire completely, as a reserve deputy town marshal, I’ll ride back with you, to make their arrest official.”

Thanks Marshal Blackmon,” Kidd replied, “They didn’t think a boat captain had such athority.”

You must admit, ‘Captain Kidd,’ conjurs up images…”

…of a pirate. Yeah my crew has worn that out.”

You say guards—what happened to those responsible?”

They escaped. They were supposed to take the guards, but slipped-out without them. They will tell you, Susie, all you want to know.”

Oh, they will,” Susie’s grin could best be described as “wicked.”

To be Continued…

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6 Responses to Captain Kidd

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I did not hear them ask how long they had been gone??? Maybe they could have chased them down? #justsaying


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I still like it anyway, so there.


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