That is inconvenient

Disruption BannerPreviously: “You must admit, ‘Captain Kidd,’ conjurs up images…”

…of a pirate. Yeah my crew has worn that out.”

You say guards—what happened to those responsible?”

They escaped. They were supposed to take the guards, but slipped-out without them. They will tell you, Susie, all you want to know.”

Oh, they will,” Susie’s grin could best be described as “wicked.”

Season 9—Chapter 3—Disruption—Episode 8—Several hours later the Doctors… Yatters and Boomer reached the Superior WI entry into the Duluth-Superior harbor—and began their search for a new laboratory location.

They passed several facilities on the Superior side of the harbor—like the one in the illustration, before finding an abandoned dock and warehouse.

It was perfect.

Doctors Yatters and Boomer reached Superior WI

It was perfect

We can hide the speedboats in the slip next to the warehouse.”

Yes, Dr. Boomer, and extend the slip under the warehouse. First, however, we must see if we can purchase the place.”

Easy enough, I think.”

It was, the property was in foreclosure and a quick meeting with the bank officer handling the property, and several thousand dollars under the table, the property, much more quickly than is normally the case, changed hands.

That was almost too easy, Yatters.”

Everybody has a price.”

Meanwhile—Boomer, Daisy and AJ had their own problems to deal with. They were in a defendable position and could not be surrounded, they were heavily outnumbered—and it was likely they did not have enough ammunition with them. Even if every round fired hit, they could only reduce the number by less than half.

Maybe we were better-off back on the island?”

I think so, Dad.”

That is inconvenient.”

To be Continued…

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6 Responses to That is inconvenient

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Poor Boomer and AJ and of course Daisy out of the frying pan and into the fire! 😦


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Those are some big boats anchored there! 🙂


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