A Meeting of the Townspeople

Originally posted 21 Aug 2007

By Molly Halloran

Previously: “Hello Sarah,” the voice greeted her by name, “Boomer and I’ve been wonderin’ if you’d get here before the meeting tonight.”

Startled, she turned towards the voice and saw two two-dimensional, familiar figures standing next to her…

Grandad!” she exclaimed, “Hi! I guess I’m in Danger Bay, huh.”

You are,” Boomer piped up, “and you have an important meeting to attend, since you are a business owner here.”

You must be Boomer,” Sarah replied as she began to get her bearings, “Business owner?”

Look there,” Jay answered smiling and pointing to the sign on the store.

Cooper’s General Store,” she read aloud, “I guess I’d better get over there. I wonder what dog ordinances they have here.”

Danger Bay—Episode 9—A Meeting of the Townspeople

A meeting of the townspeople

A meeting of the townspeople

When Sarah arrived at the Silverthorn Café, the meeting was already under way. As she entered she was nearly knocked over by an eldery man leaving the café saying something about the “village being overrun by those people.”

We’ve heard the presentation by the folks from the Sparrow,” Shaddock Farkleberry the village mayor, standing next to his older brother, said, “any comments?”

What got into Shadbush?” Hiram Silverthorn Jr. asked.

I have an idea,” answered George Gamboge (standing next to Sarah), “but we don’t need to talk about it now.”

What will this mean for us?” asked Hiram senior, “I’m concerned about the potential traffic in and out of town on tour days.”

Maggie?” Shaddock asked, directing the concern to the Sparrow’s site manager.

The Sparrow can accommodate fifty passengers,” Maggie replied, “plus the ten crew members. So at most there would be sixty cars arriving on tour days.”

Five of the crew members,” Trigg Guudlender continued, “are rooming at my home—all those extra bedrooms have come in handy.”

There’s room for fifteen or twenty cars behind my store,” offered Sarah, “That should help.”

We probably won’t need much parking,” I said (in case you’ve forgotten Gentle Reader, I’m Molly, Captain of the Sparrow), “Most of our passengers will sign on for the cruises at Twin Harbors, and we will bus them up here.”

There is a bigger issue here,” Gamboge piped up, “What do you want from us? These days whenever a business wants to locate in a town, they want all sorts of concessions—like tax breaks—and offer the world in economic benefits for the town.”

A license to do business,” Maggie answered.

There was total silence in the café.


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  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Cool beans loving the stories 🙂


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