A Three Hour Tour

Originally Posted 26 Aug 2007

by Jay Merton (writing as Molly Halloran)

Previously: “OK,” Maggie replied, “that is very reasonable, I think. I’ll meet with him tomorrow. Hey, let’s take a celebration cruise!”

I’m doing the cabbage patch!” Ines exclaimed.

Where to Captain?” asked a crewman from the Sparrow’s deck.

How about down to Two Harbors and back?” I suggested, “about three hours.”

Are you sure we want to make a three hour tour, Ma’am?” the crewman asked in reply, a worried look upon his face.

Sure, why not?” I answered, with some curiosity, “What’s your name crewman?”

Gilligan, Ma’am.”

Danger Bay—Episode 12—A Three Hour Tour:

Don’t you have something to do?” I asked, more of a suggestion, than a question.

Sparrow in the moonlight

Sparrow in the moonlight

Yes Ma’am,” he answered with resignation to the inevitable, and with crewman Howell, left the Sparrow’s deck.

As they began preparing the main cabin for the cruise, Gilligan turned to Howell and asked:

How is it exactly that I was cast as ‘Gilligan,’ Jay?”

Molly’s idea,” Jay answered.

Oh,” Boomer began, “Wait—Molly isn’t anything more than a figment of your crusty old imagination! She has no independent ideas.”

True,” Jay replied with a smile.

Meanwhile as the crew and guests were visiting on the pier, the rest of the townspeople arrived, as word had spread that the Sparrow was about to sail, and all who wished could join the cruise.

C’mon aboard folks,” Trigg called out, “we’re leaving in ten minutes.”

The three Silverthorns, George Gamboge, the brothers Farkleberry, Sarah & Ines joined the crew boarding the boat. Soon after, the Sparrow was under way and passed the breakwater motored onto Lake Superior. The water was unusually calm for the lake, almost still, as they set a course for Two Harbors.

We are not fully stocked for a cruise yet,” Maggie announced, “but chef Mac has prepared some refreshments.”

I’ll have a Brandy-Alexander, Mac,” Boomer Gilligan called out.

You have work to do, Crewman,” 1st Officer Trigg Guudlender chided, “better get to it.”

Yes sir,” Gilligan grumbled, and then turning to Jay he said quietly, “I think I hate you.”

Jay only chuckled.

By the way, O hated one,” Boomer said as they left the main cabin, “how come you named yourself ‘Howell’ and not ‘Jonas Grumby’?”

Who’s ‘Jonas Grumby’?” Jay inquired.

Captain of the Minnow,” he replied, smiling.

To be Continued…


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3 Responses to A Three Hour Tour

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Very very Witty !


  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    The “olden times.” 😀


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