Hired Henchmen

Disruption BannerPreviously: They had to have henchmen—henchmen desperate enough for work to be willing to whatever they were told without asking questions.

None of this took all that much time—if nothing else, the two were organized

There was one final thing remaining to be done.

Ignite the explosives planted throughout the cave where our heroes were having their reunion…

Season 9—Chapter 3—Disruption—Episode 12—In the (new) Warehouse Control Room…We find Doctors Jack Yatters & Larry Boomer at the control panel, and Thugs 1 through 4 (Thug 1, wearing a watch—bears a striking resemblance to Big Mac) observing and awaiting orders.

I just have to make sure the settings are all correct—we don’t want the explosives to misfire, Yatters.”

Thugs and Docs in Warehouse control room

“I just have to make sure the settings are all correct—we don’t want the explosives to misfire, Yatters.”

Is dere anything you want for us to do?” Thug 3 asked, “Like maybe messing sombody up?”

Just stand there—quietly, Three,” Dr. Yatters snarled, “Messing somebody up, as you articulated, is not exactly pro-social. We’re not here to antagonize the authorities.”

What does he mean, One?” Three had turned to One for an answer he could understand.

We’re not here for muscle, Three, we’re here to make this place appear legit.”

Three looked disappointed, “Oh, I s’pect I kin do that.”

Good. Now shut-up and see how real pros do things.”

Okay, we’re ready,” Dr. Boomer said as he reached for the button.

Some 15 minutes earlier—Back outside the “Prison” cell… “Sadly for you three, I think it’s time we leave, Chris just notified me that the repairs are done.”

Oh, we were just getting comfortable here, Sarah,” AJ cracked, as they headed towards the land-exit from the cave.

Thus ends Chapter 3, but our story? To be Continued…

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6 Responses to Hired Henchmen

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    Thug One
    …is the best looking guy of that bunch! 😀


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    He does look a great deal like Big Mac!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Undercover baby…I love it…..Come on move your butts out of the dang cave already!!!! I guessed incorrect but then the authors do have a way of keeping things on a cutting edge! 🙂


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