Loco Nevada Bank

Nevada BannerPreviously: “Now Marshal Holcomb,” the mayor cut him off before he could get deeper in trouble, “Don’t be looking for trouble where there ain’t any.”

Sage advice, Mayor,” Susie recognized the mayor, “Do you remember me? I used to marshal back in Hartle’s Corners, Missouri.”

The mayor studied her face, “I thought you were dead!”

Season 9—Chapter 3—Nevada—Episode 3—The Nevada town of Loco…

Clearly, I’m not dead Mayor Fitzhugh, Tell us about this town. Our map showed no town here.”

Greeted by the marshal of Loco Nevada

“Clearly, I’m not dead Mayor Fitzhugh, Tell us about this town. Our map showed no town here.”



Yes, Silver,” Fitzhugh continued, “Discovered in the hills. The town was here first, but so small it’s little wonder it wasn’t on a map.”

Now, almost over night,” Marshal Holcomb added, “We’ve grown to a population of about 200 souls, with new folks arriving almost daily.”

Some as prospectors, others to make their fortunes providing services for the prospectors,” Fitzhugh said, “and still others to jump claims, or rob, and sometimes kill the prospectors for their silver.”

I can’t keep up with all the hooliganism going on. I’ve hired deputies, but they get kilt for their trouble—Now no one seems interested in the job,” it was then Marshal Holcomb noticed some riders approaching the bank, “Excuse me, folks, I gotta check-out them riders.”

Chris had a premonition—a very bad premonition, and decided to act, “C’mon Northstar, let’s head towards the bank.”

I don’t like this, Rider-Chris, I don’t like this at all,” Northstar whinnied quietly.

Probably nothing to worry about—I just got this feeling.”

We should tell the others.”

WE GOT TROUBLE AT THE BANK!” Chris shouted as she and Northstar rode quickly towards the bank.

Before the others could react—heavy gunfire broke-out at the bank.

To be Continued…


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4 Responses to Loco Nevada Bank

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Chris has a great early detection system for hooliganism!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Well I do get these *feelings* from time to time and it is best to act on them otherwise you lose the ability to feel them! I notice we are not tired anymore! No rest I tell you 🙂


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Here we go again!


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