They didn’t stand a chance

Nevada BannerPreviously: Chris had a premonition—a very bad premonition, and decided to act, “C’mon Northstar, let’s head towards the bank.”

I don’t like this, Rider-Chris, I don’t like this at all,” Northstar whinnied quietly.

Probably nothing to worry about—I just got this feeling.”

We should tell the others.”

WE GOT TROUBLE AT THE BANK!” Chris shouted as she and Northstar rode quickly towards the bank.

Before the others could react—heavy gunfire broke-out at the bank.

Season 9—Chapter 3—Nevada—Episode 4—Two minutes earlier at the Loco bank… They were six—and they were prospectors. Not the kind of prospector you may be thinking, GENTLE READER, they “prospected” the earnings of others.

Riders approach the bank

Riders approach the bank

They mostly prospected stagecoaches and travelers on the trails—a fair living, to be sure, but not just not enough—high risk, they had lost two of their number in such endeavors, for too little gain.

They decided to find a more lucrative form of prospecting and heard of the silver-rush in Loco. Tales of vast silver finds drew them to Loco—one good bit of prospecting meant a long retirement. Sure, such prospecting carried risk, but so too did road prospecting.

When they were about fifteen feet from the bank they saw the town marshal approaching and a well-dressed man on the boardwalk—they drew their revolvers and began shooting.

Marshal Holcomb and the bank vice president fell dead in a hail of gunfire—they didn’t stand a chance.

It was at this moment that Chris, Northstar and Buttons arrived at the bank…

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to They didn’t stand a chance

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    This is NOT good…


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, I hate bank robbers! Watch out, everybody!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    My trigger finger is really itching now!


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