Short, deadly, gunfight

Nevada BannerPreviously: When they were about fifteen feet from the bank they saw the town marshal approaching and a well-dressed man on the boardwalk—they drew their revolvers and began shooting.

Marshal Holcomb and the bank vice president fell dead in a hail of gunfire—they didn’t stand a chance.

It was at this moment that Chris, Northstar and Buttons arrived at the bank…

Season 9—Chapter 3—Nevada—Episode 5—in front of the Loco bank… It would soon be over—Buttons wisely scampered to the safety of the brick bank building—Chris anticipated the outcome, and drew her .44 and began firing and the rest of the now-charging gang of good guys could not fire their sidearms for fear of hitting Chris.

Chris arrived at the gunfight

Chris arrived at the gunfight

Chris winced as she took a bullet in her right arm—Northstar winced with bullet-graze—Chris took another hit after dropping two of the robbers but by then her friends were in position and began to engage.

Big Mac fired both his .44 and 8 gauge sawed-off shotgun, with Sarah riding beside him (she never had a clear shot for fear of hitting Chris).

Boomer, Larry, AJ, Susie, dismounted and in a hastily-planned tactic, moved to the flank of the robbers firing a round with each step until their respective weapons were empty.

It was just enough.

The gunfight was over.

The entire gang lay dead or wounded, Chris, Boomer and Jay Cooper all suffered wounds of varying severity but none mortally.

A few hours later—after our heroes had their wounds dressed (like all 50’s western heroes they were just flesh-wounds) they were called to the marshal’s office at the request of Mayor Fitzhugh, “With the loss of Marshal Holcomb, we seem to have a job opening. After consulting the city council, I have been given the authority to off you the job Miz Shouse.”

Thank you Mayor, but there are far more experienced and skilled people here, Like Susie…”

I’m retired, Chris, sorry.”

Or Big Mac, he was even a District US Marsh…”




Finally, as one, Sarah, Jay, and Larry said, “Nope!”

I reckon I’ll accept the job, Mayor Holcomb.” Chris knew her friends well enough to know they wouldn’t let her stand alone.


To be Continued…


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13 Responses to Short, deadly, gunfight

    • Jack Boardman says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Kamalpreet. I visited your blog and read your post—an interesting read. I can see that you are relatively new to blogging and allow me to respectfully suggest that leaving a link to a blog/blog post in the comments is considered bad form, and too, runs the risk of being classified as SPAM. No harm done—blog-on! 😀


  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Marshal Shouse! Nice ring to that. Glad everyone is OK! 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    OH my goodness such an honor!!!! Well I will do my trigger finger best…besidesd Buttons would look cute with a star on her kerchief!


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