Reward money and houses

Nevada BannerPreviously:“Thank you Mayor, but there are far more experienced and skilled people here, Like Susie…”

I’m retired, Chris, sorry.”

Or Big Mac, he was even a District US Marsh…”




Finally, as one, Sarah, Jay, and Larry said, “Nope!”

I reckon I’ll accept the job, Mayor Holcomb.” Chris knew her friends well enough to know they wouldn’t let her stand alone.


Season 9—Chapter 3—Nevada—Episode 6—in the Marshal’s office… “That star sure looks purdy.”

Chris accepts a marshal's badge

“That star sure looks purdy.”

Gee, thanks, Susie,” Chris replied.

Oh, there is also the matter of a reward,” Mayor Fitzhugh said, “The combined reward for the six robbers is $700.”

Oh, we didn’t do it for any reward,” Chris began…

But on the other hand, Chris, we need housing,” Jay grinned.

And the reward would go a long way to get some housing,” Larry added.

It was just about then (funny how that works in these stories) that AJ arrived, “Hey Dad! I just found a house for sale and it looks just like your house looked about the time it was built!”

AJ!” Chris exclaimed, “You wanna be my deputy?”

Sure Chris,” AJ replied, “Anyway, Dad, I just came from the land office—we can buy it for…”

You will?” Chris was a little surprised at his answer—considering the others had refused, “Really?”

Yes Chris. It has a stable out back, big enough for all our horses, Dad,” AJ replied to both, “So I bought it for us.”

How much?”

The land office told me that they have four new houses they’ll sell us for $250 each. They normally charge $500, but because we stopped the robbery we get a discount.”

Fitzhugh laughed, “It cost them about $200 to build, the robbery would have hurt them badly—they could just as well given you all houses. Still—knowing those tightwads—it’s a good deal.”

[One of the things with time-travel, GENTLE READER, any money you happen to have as you are called, is instantly converted dollar for dollar to the money consistant for the year without factoring in inflation—a quirk that even Cujo can’t explain. I can—but I won’t.]

Well—then, let’s go take a look at these houses,” Boomer got in the last word of this episode.

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to Reward money and houses

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, real estate has changed!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I was just thinking the same thing Sarah! Too bad time travel can’t make it so in present day we still owned all this real estate 🙂


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