All the comforts of home

Nevada BannerPreviously: “He who hesitates is last,” Boomer laughed.

Aw c’mon, you guys.”

I’ll bet there’s quarters in the stable,” Chris grinned, “Suitable for a tightwad.”

You say ‘tightwad’ like it’s a bad thing,” Larry laughed, “I’ll take it!”

A little later, AJ & Boomer were inpecting their house, “Hey Dad, there’s a trapdoor inder the stairs.”

Now WHERE to you reckon THAT leads, GENTLE READER?

Season 9—Chapter 3—Nevada—Episode 8—under the trapdoor… “DAD! Come down here—you gotta see this!”

Under the trapdoor

“DAD! Come down here—you gotta see this!”

Boomer and Daisy made their way down the steep stair/ladder hybrid to what could best be describe as a cave beneath the parlor and dining-room of the small house. Daisy made note of the electric lights and computer with the rather obvious exclamation, “Cujo did this!”

Well—your grasp of the obvious is still good, Beaglebreath.”

Thank you Alpha-Jack—I will ‘forget’ your birthday again this year.”

You already have—try for next year?”


Jay & Sarah and Susie & Chris made the same discovery under their houses—but again Larry was left-out—he was too busy sweeping hay out of his quarters.

About the same time—in all three houses, the occupants checked to see where the door lead to.

Well—let me tell you: It leads to modern facilities (all but the the dog-people and horse-folks appreciated this—they simply didn’t get it) and a tunnel connecting all three homes. Cujo had planned well for her friends—all the comforts of home.

Meanwhile…some distance away—friends of the now-deceased “Prospectors-with-guns” learned of their unfortunate demise in the town of Loco—and vowed revenge.

Remember all those riders who attacked Boomer & AJ on their first visit? Yep! Those are their friends—and there are a lot of them.

They’re making plans as I write this—GENTLE READER—yes they are…

To be Continued…


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8 Responses to All the comforts of home

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Funny! Our girls tease about partying with the “tunnel people” who live under our house when we leave them home alone. Now I know more about those tunnels!


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Ya think? I haven’t gotten too deep into the other tunnel-dwellers. You don’t really want to know about them. 😛


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Bless Cujo for always thinking of our creature comforts! Love the conversations between Jack and Daisy lol…well my trigger finger is itching again so we must be in for some interesting times.


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Leave it to Cujo to provide all the comforts of home. 😀


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