Spencer’s return

Nevada BannerPreviously: Meanwhile…some distance away—friends of the now-deceased “Prospectors-with-guns” learned of their unfortunate demise in the town of Loco—and vowed revenge.

Remember all those riders who attacked Boomer & AJ on their first visit? Yep! Those are their friends—and there are a lot of them.

They’re making plans as I write this—GENTLE READER—yes they are…

Season 9—Chapter 3—Nevada—Episode 9—they gathered in the mountains…Jonathan Spencer and his second-in-command, Jeremiah Smith were overlooking their mass of hired guns gathering below—some fifty miles from Loco, “It’s time Jeremiah to take over Loco. And by take over, I mean kill ALL the town leaders and their families.” If you’ll recall, GENTLE READER, Jonathan Spencer (was really Johann Schwarzkopf, Gr-Gr-Great-Grandfather of Millie Schwarzkopf Gamboge WHY does this guy keep turning-up in our stories?)

Wimmin an’ children?”

Riders gathering in the mountains

“Wimmin an’ children?”

I said families, Jeremiah. That would include women and children. Are you getting squeamish?”

You ain’t never kilt no innocent wimmin an kids, have yuh, Spencer? Mosta them boys down there fought fer one side’er the other durin’ the war—an most hadda kill em. They won’t do that fer yuh.”

All right! No women or children—unless they take-up guns.”

Spencer and Smith rode down to their men and soon they began their journey to Loco. It would take the better part of a week before they arrived outside Loco—desert travel is best done slowly—IF you want to preserve your horses.

Meanwhile—some distance away… “We need scouts, AJ. Do you think the others can be convinced to at least scout for us? Seeing as how they don’t want to marshal anymore.”

I can ask.”

To be Continued…


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4 Responses to Spencer’s return

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Real dastardly gentlemen! I use that term loosely! You guys will help me out right? Oh my finger itches. Now we know why we are here 🙂


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