Nevada BannerPreviously: It was the sharp-eyed Flutters who saw them.

Riders—perhaps a hundred or more—riding past their outpost on the hill, “We have them passing us, Larry!”

Yatkowsky was barely able to see them and before he could say anything, Flutters took off into the storm, “I’ll tell the others!”

How will you…” Yatkowsky started to ask but was interrupted by…

Master will lead me to them!”

Larry could only sigh and hope…

Season 9—Chapter 3—Nevada—Episode 12—Chapter conclusion… Flutters was soon lost in the sandstorm and though he had throroughly memorized the map—he simply couldn’t see enough landmarks to determine where he was.

Flutters was soon lost in the sandstorm...

Flutters was soon lost in the sandstorm…

Desperate, he even consulted the “Master,” who, naturally, did not respond. To his credit he didn’t so much as consider giving-up and landing in a sheltered area, but pressed-on.

This was one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” sandstorms that are told of for decades (and, of course, embellished upon) and this one, by all later accounts was a humdinger of a storm, “Yup! Y’shouda been there…sand blowin’ s’thick y’needed a shovel an’ a pick-ax jest t’walk across th’ street—an’ even then it took yuh an hour t’do it, by cracky!”

There must have been near a hundred of them—crossing the open desert in the “humdinger of a storm,” and they were lost—at least until it subsided. It has been said: “The journey is as important as the destination.”

I’m pretty-certain, GENTLE READER, these fellas would not agree.

I KNOW I wouldn’t.

Yet they persisted, and you gotta give them credit for that—if for nothing else.

And you must give the much-maligned Flutters credit as well, as he continued with his task (and I hate to say it this way) doggedly.

On and on and on he flew—through the raging sandstorm…


To be Continued…


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8 Responses to SANDSTORM!

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    … Until … ? Oh, you can tell it’s Friday! 🙂


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Flutters really does not get enough credit you know! He has done some good things of late 🙂
    I guess it would be too much to hope that on cliffhanger Friday the 100 or so would fall off a cliff? Oh what am I saying…I like that battles 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Flutters too often forgets his lines, we have to have a dialog-coach on-set ALL THE TIME to refresh his memory. 😛


  3. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters the Master is busy. Assumed it is that he/she is contending with issues both complex in more abundance than the grains of sand lofted into the air by the power winds untold. We can be certain that either will beget stories of journeys unfolding and of such consequence as to beguile the senses of the brown and white and mortals alike.

    In keeping with such beguiling events Methinks thinks Fluttermatters it be appropriate to divulge a secret which until now, was known only to me – Fluttermatters. For those gentle readers new and about to be not new be it known that THE HAT, yes THAT HAT, which upon first glance may seem to be nothing more than a HAT is in fact more than that. Take heed for it – the Hat, is more and beyond what your eyes see and ten fold again of what you might imagine.

    The Hat might be viewed as a likeness but not quite similar to the approximate though undefined functionality of the wonderful and strangely missing powerful Elton John pink diamond encrusted Blue tooth enabled truth seeking spectacles. As you know thinks Fluttermatters were as time passed adapted, modified and embelished to provide Fluttermatters discrete powers few could appreciate and if they did they didn’t much care about it anyway.

    Noted by more than a few and definitely less than many it was the Elton Johns that elevated Fluttermatters’ incredible and already keen senses of deciphering and deception. Casual observance by those who pay attention to such details would have also noticed that the Elton Johns also escalated Fluttermatters’ suave natural good looks to propel them beyond a metaphysical level few mortals and things with brown and white fur could concieve. It was and is a beautiful thing and with that it needs be clear that story’s told herein are founded in the truth of imagination and fabrication but it is the Hat from which the appropriate measure of true tales are told.

    The HAT is more. When adorning Fluttermatters’ crown some will note – in particular those who have knowledge of the ways of all things natural and those things that are not, will accept that things do exist beyond the the bluest of blue mountains on the left coast. They will understand that a Hat is and can be more than a Hat.

    To wit and of peculiar note there are others who consider those same magical left coast blue mountains to be on their right. Fluttermatters who as the learned student of the Master’s mind altering techniques found that certain Right coast types believe that a Hat can be no more than a Hat. It seems these types also and as witnessed by Fluttermatters enact a strange ceremony designed to distract and mislead. Often as not it is their penchant for displaying a vertical smile in the darkness of night by the light of their moon the belies their true course.

    Historically, that penchant was first referenced during a flight of mercy over strange lands requiring directional reference from celestial bodies. That particular flight of mercy demanded that Fluttermatters deliver remedy for BlueButtBite post haste. It was during that episode when Fluttermatters first discovered the the Right phenomanon. As you know gentle reader a compass is prone to mislead should you carry a magnet in your pocket. Accordingly, most unfortunately and for a brief moment, Fluttermatters was lead astray by the light of the FULL MOON – a moon not with a ‘man’s face on it’ but a moon with a vertical smile.

    Perplexed by this phenomina which as yet remained undocumented in the Master’ gold embossed leather bound anal entitled How to Hang a Moon, Fluttermatters discovered why some are predisposed to only seeing the Right Coast. Using his training acquired under the Master’s tuteledge, Fluttermatters determined that when certain mortal features are fully exposed while hung up side down most things look as if they are on the right. With his wits about him, Fluttermatters concluded that those who follow this peculiar Moon Hanging ceremony share a commonality where the left coast’s bluest of blue mountains forever appear on the right and that a hat is never considered anything other than a hat.

    With the view of aiding others who take flight in the dark of night and forced to rely on celestial bodies for guidance to their destination Fluttermatters took steps to help these travellers. While in retrospect it may seem simple, Fluttermatters discovered the solution in hat band of his hat. Neatly folded and tucked inside his hat band were T’issues (short hand for Traumatic issues). Through enlightening experimentation Fluttermatters luck held as it took a entire hat full of T-issue evenly spread beam to beam to dull the glow of this particular false moon and diffuse the evocative invitation of the vertical smile.

    For those who have been beyond the left coast’s bluest of blue mountains it is understood that Fluttermatters might have remained lost in the Rightness were it not for the Hat. Of those who know and of those who don’t care it can be said that the Hat is a cornucopia of solutions. A vessel of casual elegance and protector of acknowledged knowledge. Clearly when one views Fluttermatters’ Hat, a first glance suggests bravado. But the hat is more. For this feathered charmer the hat exudes cache which while sought by many is possessed by none for there is only one Hat. That Hat is more than just a Hat and therefore it is suffice to say that more words need not be spoke as then it would be more than a hat full. 🙂


    • Jack Boardman says:

      Whew! I’m fully exhausted after reading this lengthy chapeau treatise. 😐


      • fluttermatters says:

        Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that flights of fancy in a sand storm can do that to you. 🙂


        • Jack Boardman says:

          Oh—BTW Flutters—You still have your precious powerful Elton John pink diamond encrusted Bluetooth enabled 21st Century truth seeking spectacles—just not in the 19th Century.


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