Arrows in the sky

Loco BannerPreviously: “The journey is as important as the destination.”

I’m pretty-certain, GENTLE READER, these fellas would not agree.

I KNOW I wouldn’t.

Yet they persisted, and you gotta give them credit for that—if for nothing else.

And you must give the much-maligned Flutters credit as well, as he continued with his task (and I hate to say it this way) doggedly.

On and on and on he flew—through the raging sandstorm…


Season 9—Chapter 4—LOCO!—Episode 1—Somewhere on the desert… As quickly as it began—the sandstorm ended. Still a little disoriented—it took Flutters several minutes to recover and to orient himself with the map he’d memorized (with no small amount of assistance from Cujo)

Flutters gets his bearings

Flutters gets his bearings

After some very-long minutes he located his position; roughly twenty miles south and east of Loco.

It took still-longer to notice the white arrow pointing to the dust stirred up by the hundred (or so) outlaws in the distance.

They too were lost and disoriented from the storm. They had a slight advantage over Flutters, however—several of them, after some years prospecting unsuccessfuly, were familiar with the valley, “Boss! We’re at least twenty miles from Loco—we rode right past it sometime during the storm.”

Which way?” Spencer shouted.

To the northwest.”

I got a feeling we’re being watched, Spenser,” Jeremiah Smith said, looking around.

I do too, but by who—where?”

They both looked around at the surrounding hills for some time—but saw nothing.

Aw, if there’s someone out there, he’s too far away from us—and Loco to do us any harm,” Smith concluded.

Lets move out,” Spencer ordered.

And so they did, stirring up the dust as they rode off.

Dust that Flutters noticed—moments later he noticed the arrow in the sky.

Too bad Spencer and Smith didn’t see the arrow in the sky…

Spencer and Smith didn't see the arrow in the sky...

Too bad Spencer and Smith didn’t see the arrow in the sky…

To be Continued…On Friday, 27 December 2013…Enjoy this break with family and/or friends.



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14 Responses to Arrows in the sky

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Those arrows are really helpful. I should look around more often for the hints in real life.


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    What is the arrow pointing too? Happy Merry Christmas everyone!


  3. fluttermatters says:

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters arrows on the ground and in the sky imply archery lessons gone wrong. Oh well…..


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