Loco BannerPreviously: Chris knew that AJ & Boomer had plans for this week.

Mac & Collie were “down to the Cities” visiting their grandchildren.

She contacted the Coopers.

They were more than willing to get out of town for an adventure—with the number crunching for Big Mac completed.

She asked them to meet her at the Clipper Inn.

Chris was looking for trouble.

She just might find some…

Season 9—Chapter 4—LOCO!—Episode 5—Chris met with the Coopers…They agreed to accompany her on her mission.

Chris had long-intended to purchase her own boat—and finally (unbeknown to us, GENTLE READER, or even her REAL WORLD self, I expect) did so on her last stay in 2013, purchasing the the 1920s-era SS Superior steam yacht.

It is aboard this magnificent craft (twin to Erik Hare’s SS Duluth) that we find Chris, Sarah, Jay, Buttons and PepperCooper on their way to Duluth-Superior.

What do you expect to find?”

SS Superior passed the breakwater

“What do you expect to find?”

I don’t know, Sarah. They have to be there somewhere and they have to be stopped.”

Maybe we should look in plain sight,” Jay suggested, “The last place where you’d expect to find them.”

Kind of like our TV remote, right Jay?” Sarah laughed.

The conversation continued as the SS Superior passed the breakwater and out onto Lake Superior.

After Loco, Nevada—it was nice to see all that water.

Meanwhile—at Farkleberry’s Star Service… AJ took delivery of his Mustangs—yes Mustangs, plural, “Wal I figgered you’d hear ’bout me an’ th’ Anderson’s new race & autocross track, an’ you’d probly like ta participate.”

I can’t afford two new Mustangs, Lar.”

AJ took delivery of his Mustangs

“I can’t afford two new Mustangs, Lar.”

Yuh doan hafta—I’ll sponser the race car.”

Really? Why would you do this?”

Wal I figger th’ Andersons have their race car, I should at least sponser one,” Lar replied, “Besides, yer papa turned me down, politely, but turned me down jest th’ same.”

You want to get back at him for that?”

Naw—he competes agin the Andersons an he figgered I shouldn’t run a car agin m’partners,” Farkleberry smiled, “You’ll be runnin’ agin some big-money teams instead.”

To be Continued…


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4 Responses to Mustangs

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Look at all the new toys! Somebody’s been busy! 😀


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Well aren’t I just la de da with the new boat!!! I am so proud it is good looking! Love the Mustangs too. Love we are off on an adventure looking for those dirty rats!


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