Loco BannerPreviously: “I can’t afford two new Mustangs, Lar.”

Yuh doan hafta—I’ll sponser the race car.”

Really? Why would you do this?”

Wal I figger th’ Andersons have their race car, I should at least sponser one,” Lar replied, “Besides, yer papa turned me down, politely, but turned me down jest th’ same.”

You want to get back at him for that?”

Naw—he competes agin the Andersons an he figgered I shouldn’t run a car agin m’partners,” Farkleberry smiled, “You’ll be runnin’ agin some big-money teams instead.”

Season 9—Chapter 4—LOCO!—Episode 6—A day later: Duluth Superior Harbor…They arrived at dusk and after consulting the folks in the Vista Cruise ticket office about docking spaces—and grabbing a snack at their snack bar—they were waiting for the Coast Guard boat to pass by before heading to the dock to spend the night.

The Superior in Duluth Superior Harbor, waiting

The Superior in Duluth Superior Harbor, waiting

It’s best we get some rest now while we can,” Captain-of-the-Superior Chris wanted everyone to be sharp when—not if—they found doctors Yatters & Boomer.

I’m more than ready for some sleep,” Sarah agreed, “The gentle wave-action should make sleep come quickly.”

Both turned to Jay for his comment—but that would have to wait ’til morning—he was already dozing-off while standing.

Sarah led the semi-comatose Jay to their little cabin while Chris drove the yacht to its dock for the night.

Meanwhile the next morning at the new racetrack—AJ and Boomer were ready for their first race…And by “ready,” they were about to start a race—after a miserable qualifying-session where both spun out, repeatedly. Both were deep in their respective classes (race cars are grouped in combined type races by type of car). Both were more than embarrased by this.

Both were determined to win their respective classes.

AJ and Boomer were ready for their first race

Both were determined to win their respective classes.

Both rocketed to the first and second overall positions—driving with aggressively-perfect precision they were pulling away from the pack with AJ leading his father—and playfully-teasing him over the in-car radio, “Hey old man…try and keep-up willya?”

I’m just letting you think you can beat me—lulling you into a state of complacency.”

You’re doing a good job.”

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to Meanwhile

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    You folks are doing all that while we’re in the ‘cities visting our grandchildren? 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Poor Jay. I’ll have to make sure he gets a nap.


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I love my boat!!! It is beautiful and the harbor scene is magnificent Jack. Your artwork just gets better and better and the colors are beautiful!


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