Loco BannerPreviously: Both were determined to win their respective classes.

Both rocketed to the first and second overall positions—driving with aggressively-perfect precision they were pulling away from the pack with AJ leading his father—and playfully-teasing him over the in-car radio, “Hey old man…try and keep-up willya?”

I’m just letting you think you can beat me—lulling you into a state of complacency.”

You’re doing a good job.”

Season 9—Chapter 4—LOCO!—Episode 7—About the same time as Boomer & AJ were busy spinning-out…

While the canines continued to sleep—as they seem to do—EXCEPT when you’d rather they did—Chris Sarah and Jay were awakened by Boomer’s voice broadcasting his usual morning weather report—this time from Duluth: “G’Mornin!—It’s 0705 hours & +68°F/20°C Wind NNW @ 5mph in Duluth-Superior, MN—COFFEE? [____]D Enjoy! [NWS Readings @ Sky Harbor Airport Duluth (DYT) Lat/Long: 46-43N/ 092-02W Eleva: 610.5 ft.]”

They discovered to their collective surprise there were three mugs filled with piping-hot, brewed-to-order coffee!

No matter how much they sipped (sipping is quite necessary with piping-hot coffee GENTLE READER), the coffee never cooled, nor ran-out—until they were satisfied and quite awake. On their way to the Superior’s bridge they stopped at the galley and selected a breakfast sandwich (prepared by Susan Miller—so you KNOW they were exquisite).

I believe we’ll find the…ummm…good doctor’s new location on the Superior side of the harbor,” Chris said, “There seem to be more than one abandoned slip there.”

They began their search—dock by dock—even those which appeared to be active…

Chris, Jay, and Sarah began searching the harbor

They began their search—dock by dock—even those which appeared to be active…

…sometimes they hid an abandoned warehouse deep in the dock.

This place is way bigger than I’d Imagined,” Jay was thinking out loud.

I did a little reading about this harbor,” Chris replied, “’Located at the western end of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway (GLSLS), it is the farthest-inland freshwater seaport and one of the leading bulk cargo ports in all of North America. By far, the largest and busiest on the Great Lakes, the Port of Duluth-Superior handles an average of 40 million short tons of cargo and nearly 1,000 vessel visits each year…connecting the heartland of the U.S. and Canada to the rest of the world.’ This information came from the Duluth Seaway Port Authority.”

I guess we have some significant-searching left to do,” Sarah understated.

To be Continued…


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4 Responses to Searching

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    +68°F — Those were the days! 😀


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    It has to be endless Tea please! Love breakfast sandwich 🙂 Love the photo’s!


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