Preparations Complete

Loco BannerPreviously at the warehouse: Our heroes hadn’t taken but four or five steps, “DON’T MOVE!

They forgot to check their “six.”

You need to come with me.”

Previously at the race track: We’re now in the final lap and the race is either AJ or Boomer’s to lose. They came off the last turn and on the final straightaway to the finish line were dead even.

As they bore down on the finish line at over 160mph…

Season 9—Chapter 4—LOCO!—Episode 11—Our heroes found themselves… All of them.


Back in 1874—just outside of Loco Nevada.


Loco was prepared for the outlaws


But that’s not all—GENTLE READER

The town of Loco was prepared for the outlaws.

Every single entrance to to town was blocked with wagons loaded with crates.

Or with armed townsfolk behind stacked crates.

With more armed townsfolk arranged on the street to reinforce the various roadblocks.

Even a train that happened to be at the station was backed across the road with armed townsfolk inside.

It seems that Mayor Fitzhugh was a Union Officer during the Civil War, and many of the townsmen were veterans of the war as well…some southern and some yankees.

They would not go down easily—they would go down fighting.

This was not something Jonathan Spencer and his second-in-command, Jeremiah Smith were expecting.

How far away?” Mayor Fitzhugh asked as Marshal Shouse and her deputies arrived.

Chris quickly adjusted to the time-change, “They’ll arrive in minutes, Mayor. We’ll take-up supporting positions and remain mounted.”

Very-well Marshal, it’s good to have you, all of you, here—Cavalry is always useful in support of infantry.”

Chris,” Big Mac who had had a long career in the army had a slightly different thought, “We need to find cover outside of town, and act like outnumbered cavalry—find their leaders and pick them off.”

Chris looked at Fitzhugh, who nodded, “Let’s ride—Mac’s in charge.”

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to Preparations Complete

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    OH I am so excited!!!!! Lets go!!!! Woot 🙂


  2. Finding cover…. now I can relate to that, considering all those mounted cowboys in town.


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