Loco BannerPreviously: “How far away?” Mayor Fitzhugh asked as Marshal Shouse and her deputies arrived.

Chris quickly adjusted to the time-change, “They’ll arrive in minutes, Mayor. We’ll take-up supporting positions and remain mounted.”

Very-well Marshal, it’s good to have you, all of you, here—Cavalry is always useful in support of infantry.”

Chris,” Big Mac who had had a long career in the army had a slightly different thought, “We need to find cover outside of town, and act like outnumbered cavalry—find their leaders and pick them off.”

Chris looked at Fitzhugh, who nodded, “Let’s ride—Mac’s in charge.”

Season 9—Chapter 4—LOCO!—Episode 12—Where we find our heroes…observing the battlefield from a rise, “We could use some cavalry sabres about now.”

Chris and Mac find Spencer

“We could use some cavalry sabres about now.”

Sabres?” Chris asked as they rode to join the others on another rise some distance away.

Yes, Chris, sabres. They are the preferred tool of the cavalry.”

By the time they rejoind the others each was holding a sabre—and wondering why.

But Mac, none of us are trained,” Chris with trigger-finger just about driving her freakin’ nuts, said.

That’s true, but none of us, except Susie,” Mac replied, “were gun-handlers when we first arrived in the 19th Century—and suddenly we were all gun-handlers shortly afterwards.”

It does feel kinda natural,” AJ mused as he hefted his sabre, “But they don’t have the reach of a firearm.”

They also don’t run out of ammo,” Jay observed.

Sabre equipped and ready

“Hey look,” Sarah said, “Spencer and a few riders have broken away and are riding towards us.”

Hey look,” Sarah said, “Spencer and a few riders have broken away and are riding towards us.”

Mac had been viewing the seige of Loco through his binoculars, “The townfolk are giving them a hell of a fight, I suspect Spencer thinks they’re losing and is trying to get away. Prepare to charge. Horse-people, use your bodies to slam into their horses at the gallop, canines remain here, and we humans? Hang-on and hold your sabres like you know how to use them. Ready? CHARGE!

We don’t have a,” AJ began, but found a bugle had appeared in his hand—more amazing—he knew how to use it, and sounded the charge.

Anybody else notice Larry was not there?

What happened to Yatkowsky?

Thus ends Chapter 4—but our story? To be Continued…


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6 Responses to Preparing

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, Jay is going to love the new addition!


  2. Methinks thinks Fluttermatters that Yatkowsky feller is hung up in a snow drift in the highest of high passes in the bluest of blue mountains just south of north and west of east which as you know would be impossible to know were you stuck in a tall blizzardly snow drift unable to get your bearings or other sense of direction without the benefit of the Master’s training. Lost he is ,found he may be, but it seems we must wait for the storm to subside and the snow to melt.


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Sabers 😦 Sigh…oh well CHARGE!!!!!


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