Loco Part II BannerPreviously: Meanwhile, at the house shared by Boomer, Mac, & AJ—the front door burst open…And five heavily armed men invited themselves to dinner.

They were dressed as US Cavalry.

They rushed into the kitchen where dinner was in progress.

Heavy gunfire erupted.

Just as quickly as it began—it was all over.

Season 9—Chapter 5—LOCO Part II!—Episode 4—Big Mac looked down at his steak dinner lying on the floor, and sighed deeply, “What a waste of a fine steak—DAMMIT!”

Moments before he was walking away from the stove when he saw movement outside—years of REAL WORLD wartime experience caused him to drop his plate and draw his double-barrelled 8 gauge shotgun and his Remington .44, draw all three hammers back and shoot the incoming men, dropping the shotgun after shooting, and fanning his revolver until it too was empty.

There was no need to reload.

All five intruders lay dead or mortally wounded

There was no need to reload.

All five intruders lay dead or mortally wounded on the parlor floor.

This all happened so quickly that it was all over before any of the others could do more than look up from their plates.

AJ was the first to dryly respond, “Good thing we didn’t put a carpet in the parlor.”

Chris, a moment later exclaimed, “WYATT!

She left in a rush to check on Earp’s welfare, followed by all except Boomer and Mac.

They checked the fallen to see if any survived, and then searched the bodies for any clue as to who they were and if they were actually soldiers. Finding nothing, went outside to inspect their horses. In one of the saddlebags they found a clue, “I guess we’ll be visiting Fort Savage, Jack. These fellows may just have been with the US Cavalry.”

That’s a sobering thought.”

Chris and the others found Wyatt alive and well, and learned of the fake cavalrymen he’d dispatched.

Susie asked if she could interview the prisoner, Earp agreed, “He isn’t very forthcoming, Susie. Good luck.”

After only twenty minutes Susie came out of the jail cell, “They weren’t fake cavalrymen. We need to pay a visit to Fort Savage.”


Never mind, Wyatt, my interview technique is one you can’t possibly replicate. You’re the wrong gender.”

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to “WYATT!”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Susie always gets what she’s after!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Wow that was quick and I hope we find out they were deserters when we get to Ft. Savage.


  3. fluttermatters says:

    “There’s no need to reload.”

    Methinks thinks Fluttermatters Ms. Susie’s tagline highlighted by a flash of gunfire, has been unexpectedly exposed. 🙂


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