Captured heroes?

Loco Part II BannerPreviously: Meanwhile—back at the Superior warehouse…“You need to come with us.”…and Chris, Sarah, and Jay were captured—BUT—PepperCooper and Buttons were not.

They snuck off the yacht—against orders, thanks to the irrepressible Buttons.

They observed where their humans were taken, and wisely returned to the Superior where Pepper figured out how to operate the secure radio and called Danger Bay Airfield tower for help.

Collie McIntyre was working in the tower and quickly notified her husband and alerted the rescue operations crew. Mac contacted all on-duty peace officers and they in turn rushed to the airfield.

Twenty minutes later the Sikorsky UH-19B was in the air—an unusual rescue operation underway.

Season 9—Chapter 5—LOCO Part II!—Episode 6—Aboard the helicopter… Reservation Police Lieutenant Hiram Silverthorn, Jr., Moosehead County Sheriff Todd McCoy, Carl McIntyre, the rescue crew, Alice and the two large police dogs, Thunder and Lightning, with in the cockpit Susan piloting, and Flutters observing.

Rescue Sikorsky UH-19B approaching Superior warehouse

Rescue Sikorsky UH-19B approaching Superior warehouse

Larry Yatkowsky remained at Danger Bay Airfield awaiting the arrival of additional peace officers. He had the DeHavilland-Float warmed-up and ready to depart.

Helicopters are very useful tools for rescue operations—but one thing they aren’t—fast. It would take about an hour to reach the Duluth-Superior Harbor.

They used that time to plan their approach. They knew the warehouse was near both Sky Harbor and Richard I. Bong Memorial airports and that worked in their favor. They would fly over Sky Harbor towards Bong—low enough to see the yacht, but high enough to appear as a normal incoming flight.

Susan flew over the most likely locations for the warehouse and Flutters saw something that caught his interest, “Drop down and fly behind that old ore dock.”

Will do.”

She brought the Sikorsky low and slow just over the water.

Moments later…

There’s the Superior,” Flutters had made use of his ‘powerful Elton John pink diamond encrusted Bluetooth enabled truth-seeking spectacles’ to spot the yacht, “Slow down Susan, so I can fly near that warehouse and reconnoiter.”

Flutters flew past the docked Superior to the roof of the warehouse and peered inside through a dirty skylight (of COURSE he could see inside through the dirt—he was wearing his powerful Elton John pink diamond encrusted Bluetooth enabled truth-seeking spectacles) and saw our captured friends.

To be Continued…


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5 Responses to Captured heroes?

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    That bird’s got eagle eyes!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Flutters to the rescue again! I am impressed 🙂


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Relying on…FLUTTERS?
    Be very careful.


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