Bluetooth enabled

Loco Part II BannerPreviously: She brought the Sikorsky low and slow just over the water.

Moments later…“There’s the Superior,” Flutters had made use of his ‘powerful Elton John pink diamond encrusted Blue tooth enabled truth-seeking spectacles’ to spot the yacht, “Slow down Susan, so I can fly near that warehouse and reconnoiter.”

Flutters flew past the docked Superior to the roof of the warehouse and peered inside through a dirty skylight (of COURSE he could see inside through the dirt—he was wearing his powerful Elton John pink diamond encrusted Bluetooth enabled truth-seeking spectacles) and saw our captured friends.

Season 9—Chapter 5—LOCO Part II!—Episode 7—After Flutters reported back…

Susan brought the Sikorsky in to a quick landing near the warehouse and the emergency rescue crew wasted no time rushing in.

Sikorsky UH-19B landing near the warehouse

Susan brought the Sikorsky in to a quick landing near the warehouse…

The warehouse was very large and unfortunately the door they entered was nearly 100 yards away.

Quietly, people, quietly,” Mac cautioned as they weaved their way around the detritus that was once a thriving business. Whatever the two rogue scientists were up to could not be very far advanced—if the condition of the building was any indication.

There were no stairwells or elevators visible just a cavernous building—save for office area at the opposite end.

This is one spooky old building,” Todd McCoy said.

You all creeped-out, Todd?” Lt. Silverthorn cracked, “There are no spectres here.”

The ghosts of lost jobs, Ell-Tee.”

Okay—that’s scary.”

At Danger Bay Airfield—Larry prepared to take off with an airplane full of harbor patrol people led by Harbor Patrol Chief Lyle Pettigrew—who had decided to personally lead his strike-force. They were soon airborne and flying at the old DeHavilland’s maximum speed.

Almost as soon as they were in the air, Larry heard from Flutters, “This IS Larry FlutterMatters reporting via my powerful Elton John pink diamond encrusted Bluetooth enabled truth-seeking spectacles & custom helmut (<—Canadian or Avian spelling), Our people have entered the warehouse.”

And?” Larry replied.

The place is a mess—they really need to engage a janitorial service.”

What about our rescue team?”

They don’t seem interested in cleaning.”

To be Continued…


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10 Responses to Bluetooth enabled

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I’m not interested in cleaning today either.


    • Jack Boardman says:

      I’ve just been outside, air temp at one point was -17° and the wind chill was -34°…”cleaning” would have been warmer!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    LOL Flutters your wit is amazing!


  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    You DID have to go there:

    The ghosts of lost jobs, Ell-Tee.

    That IS an issue for Superior, WI, sadly. 😦


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