Marshal Fitzhugh?

Loco Part II BannerPreviously: The SS Superior set out for Danger Bay.

Thug 2” identified himself as “Roland McGyver,” an unemployed longshoreman, who accepted the only job he’d been offered in six months and didn’t think he deserved to be arrested for “just following orders.”

Two hours later—the SS Superior had no one on board… Not a soul.

She drifted towards shore, slowly.

Season 9—Chapter 5—LOCO Part II!—Episode 10—Our heroes find themselves…Back in 1874 Loco, Nevada—where if you remember—you DON’T remember? Very-well then—a refresher: Chris and the others found Wyatt alive and well, and learned of the fake cavalrymen he’d dispatched.

Susie asked if she could interview the prisoner, Earp agreed, “He isn’t very forthcoming, Susie. Good luck.”

After only twenty minutes Susie came out of the jail cell, “They weren’t fake cavalrymen. We need to pay a visit to Fort Savage.”


Never mind, Wyatt, my interview technique is one you can’t possibly replicate. You’re the wrong gender.”

A meeting at Loco Marshal's Office

A meeting at Loco Marshal’s Office

In the town marshal’s office… Our heroes +1—it seems as though Thug 2, aka Roland McGyver, was also sent into 1874 (Well, of course! Cujo wouldn’t leave him stranded alone on the drifting SS Superior, now would she?) and was standing with Town Marshal Shouse and her sometime deputies in a rather crowded marshal’s office, “Wh-wh-where are we?”

Well, ‘Lil Mac,’ we are in the year 1874,” Big Mac replied, “In the Nevada town of Loco.”


A long story, Lil Mac,” Chris grinned, “But obviously the keeper-of-time decided you were worthy enough to join us.”

It was then they noticed that Wyatt Earp IV wasn’t there—of course he wasn’t—he had a murder investigation going-on in 2014 Danger Bay (we still don’t know WHO was murdered, GENTLE READER).

Mayor James Fitzhugh was standing next to a man who could have been his twin—in fact he is his twin, “I’d like to introduce you to John Fitzhugh, my younger brother.”

By all of ten minutes,” the younger brother shot back.

He has agreed to be our permanent town marshal.”

I’ve never been a marshal, but—if you’ll teach me, Marshal Shouse?”

Chris grinned.

To be Continued…


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6 Responses to Marshal Fitzhugh?

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    A new town marshal. That means we can go home. Right? 😛


  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    There’s a lot of deja vu going around with the coffee this morning! (Or I just keeping seeing double. Better drink more coffee.)


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Well I am glad to have the freedom to really roam again however that badge did like nice on my buckskins! 🙂 We also saved “Lil Mac” from being eliminated as the dastardly duo would have done.


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